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RFID space ship toy

Uses RFID tags to trigger actions
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This is a toy space ship that comes with some RFID tags that can be placed around the house or the yard. When the space ship toy is "flown" around, and comes within proximity of one of the tags, it triggers a sound, light, or action, on the ship. Different tags can trigger different events - evil aliens in range - "Captain we've crossed into the Neutral Zone." "Red alert!" or fuel supply ahead- the toy has to stay in sensing range of the fuel supply tag to "refuel" (or has to find the fuel supply before it runs out) or all sorts of other ideas. Maybe a tag could make the ship vibrate or rumble - "Captain we've been hit by the Zapotron!"

I don't know for sure if RFID tags work this way, or if kids even play with toys like this anymore.

tatterdemalion, Sep 07 2009

RC UFO Blimp http://www.rctoys.c...LIMPS-MACH-III.html
[MisterQED, Sep 08 2009]

RFID range http://simplyrfid.t...h-passive-rfid.html
[Kansan101, Jan 06 2013]

Tile http://www.youtube....watch?v=pqDm3gZNZPM
I'll use these to create a Space Ship Toy iPhone app. [tatterdemalion, Jul 09 2013]


       The spaceship should look really cool with flashing lights and everything. The kid that gets it unwraps the present and likes it and plays with it, "flying" it around. But it doesn't know about the tags that the parents put up all over the house and in the garden. The start of a great mission.
zeno, Sep 07 2009

       I love it.
DrWorm, Sep 07 2009

       There are great RC UFO blimps and I guess you could use the RFID triggers to set out a course for patrol and could allow it to interact with people or animals, but I'm missing why you would use RFID instead of IR beacons which would be easier and cheaper.
MisterQED, Sep 07 2009

       Would IR have to be line-of-sight? I liked the idea of the tags being hidden.
tatterdemalion, Sep 07 2009

       //would IR have to be line-of-sight?//yes, unless you bounce it off a white wall... *Radio*Frequency*I*D, btw.
FlyingToaster, Sep 08 2009

       I like it. A different game each time.   

       The RFID chips could come in a shape of a lost astronaut or precious minerals. That would be a cool search mission. Like a high tech easter egg hunt.
ixnaum, Sep 08 2009

       wonderful idea. just place the refuel chip unobstrusively in the pocket of any unloved visitor.
loonquawl, Sep 08 2009

       Great idea! My only concern is for the range of the RFID tags. If these tags are passive(no batteries in tags) you will have to be within a few feet to read the tag. If active tags are used then you have to deal with batteries or charging issues. If a cheap answer can be found to these problems I'd buy one!
joneseatworld, Sep 08 2009

       //within a few feet// - I think that's the design objective.
lurch, Sep 08 2009

       //I think that's the design objective.// - I guess I was picturing a large play area. If you were playing in a large yard I could imagine never coming within range of passive tags. Especially if they were to be used as a //high tech easter egg hunt// as [ixnaum] suggested.
joneseatworld, Sep 08 2009


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