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QR Code Cube

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It's a rubik's cube, but every face has a qr code that can be changed by turning the cube faces. I'm not sure of the practical application of this (thinking on the fly), maybe each code could link to a little 10 second animation, each one a small chapter featuring a stick man on his journey filled with pitfalls and obstacles....and in one magical chapter he reaches the end of his journey and finds the treasure
simonj, May 09 2012


       It seems like a lot of fun.
Inyuki, Jul 09 2012

       Why was this idea not brought to my attention sooner?   

       Would the six faces of the finished puzzle also be coloured, so you could tell when you had solved it?   

       If you scanned the QR codes on each of the six faces of the cube, a website could then tell you the precise sequence of moves needed to "solve" the puzzle.   

       (Aside. I know there are computer algorithms for solving the Cube, but is there an algorithm for finding the _shortest_ solution from any starting point?)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2012

       Because of the requirements of the QR code (alignment blocks, error correction, etc.) I don't think it would be possible to make valid QR codes by mix & match.   

       However, if just the center face of each side were an electronic display, a small processor could calculate, based on the position and rotation of each cube, the appropriate QR code to display on each side.
lurch, Jul 10 2012

       There should be some kind of Easter Egg weblink it takes you to for solving it.
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2012


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