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Rifle Jenga

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Rifle Jenga requires two or more people with rifles (or pistols), and a Rifle Jenga set. The blocks in Rifle Jenga are about a foot long, and a few inches on the other sides, and are made of solid steel.

Rules: players take turns to take shots. Ten points if a block is successfully displaced without toppling the tower. Collapsing the tower (which ends the game) is a 30 point penalty. Failing to hit the tower at all is a 20 point penalty (to discourage tactical missing). Players may, if they wish, use their shot to nudge a partially-out block back into position, thereby thwarting their rival's effort to displace it.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2013

YouTube: Boom Blox https://www.youtube...watch?v=TpMkCF3AdMY
So like this, but less virtual, and with more actual firearms? [zen_tom, Oct 02 2013]

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Prior art in metallic targets http://en.wikipedia...silhouette_shooting
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Shooting at iron can have unintended side effects http://www.youtube....watch?v=0ABGIJwiGBc
[normzone, Oct 02 2013]


       Might the players also use the butt-stock of their rifle to apply a friendly distracting whack to the occiput of the other player during game play?   

       [+]... Making a game of physics and firearms brings forth tears of happiness from mine eyes.
MikeD, Oct 02 2013

       //Might the players also use the butt-stock of their rifle//   

       I'm recommending "no". However, tactical ricochets would be a different matter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2013

       [+] on a turntable.
FlyingToaster, Oct 02 2013

       And from the title I expected this to be an [Alterother] idea.
normzone, Oct 02 2013

       It's a great idea, I love it, but it needs one detail fixed: even a huge anti-tank rifle like a Solothern would be incapable of moving a 1' long solid steel Jenga-proportion block (which off the top of my head I estimate would weigh around 70lbs.), much less knocking one out of a stack. Here's my bun with the understanding that a little more work will be done regarding that single flaw.   

       [21], I'm slowly developing my promised 'just one gun' halfbake, but I'll give you a sneak preview: it's a bespoke rifle made to fire unconventional ammunition very long distances. Think transcontinental.
Alterother, Oct 02 2013

       If the blocks were hollow, exceptionally square, and smooth; and coated in a lubricant, I could *possibly* see this working with a rifle or shotgun.   

       And, thanks [21q]. It has been a while. I have been busy putting my knowledge of evolutionary psychology to use for the purpose of debauching a healthy variety of nubile young college co-eds... but now that a meaningful monogamous relationship has saved me from all of that, (soft sounds of muffled sobs), I am free to focus on the important things in life.
MikeD, Oct 02 2013

       //even a huge anti-tank rifle like a Solothern would be incapable of moving a 1' long solid steel Jenga- proportion block (which off the top of my head I estimate would weigh around 70lbs.), much less knocking one out of a stack.//   

       They do make 30mm cannon you know...
bs0u0155, Oct 02 2013

       It's not necessary to knock a block out in a single shot - part of the fun is trying to nudge a block out over several goes, and hoping your opponent doesn't make the winning shot.   

       I wondered about hollow blocks, but they have to be able to withstand multiple hits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2013


       <Wanders away grinning and twitching, to pile up some steel blocks>
8th of 7, Oct 02 2013

       rubber bullets ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 02 2013

       //Rubber bullets?// I belive that the use of non-lethal projectiles is likely to be contra-indicated.
bs0u0155, Oct 02 2013

       //rubber bullets ?//   

       I did think about rubber blocks, to make players think more carefully before firing.   

       I hadn't considered rubber bullets, but I'm not really a fan. I don't condone shooting people (or things) but, if you are going to shoot, shoot as if you mean it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2013

       If you make the blocks out of 1/2" steel plate--and temper them, and break all the edges and corners, and polish them up with a 2000g wheel, and liberally coat them with graphite powder--you could probably knock one out of a stack with a .50 BMG or a .456, maybe even a .338 Lapua or one of the panopoly of antiquated safari rounds. Maybe. The blocks might have to be internally gusseted to transfer the impact energy evenly through the structure, but that's engineer's work.   

       I can tell you that a 12"L x 5"W x 3"H x 1/2"th mild steel box would weigh a little over 20 lbs and built properly it would be relatively bouncy compared to a solid steel block.
Alterother, Oct 02 2013

       I'm actually going out to a sand pit to zero my hunting rifle tomorrow. I'll bring some scrap metal and do a little experimentation.
Alterother, Oct 02 2013

       Real Men prefer Sledgehammer Jenga.
pocmloc, Oct 02 2013

       Blocks would need to have a concave face to help center the impact, otherwise a round might simply deflect off.   

       Mythbusters did something similar, although admittedly it was with a 500-lb children's merry-go- round.
shapu, Oct 02 2013

       Did they remove the children first?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2013

       shooting at solid steel. I see no way this could end badly and I give it my full support.
Voice, Oct 02 2013

       If you use soft-point rounds (upon which the copper jacket does not extend all the way to the bullet's tip, leaving the lead core exposed) there is practically no chance of a dangerous ricochet. Steel plates suspended from hinges are a common target used for long-distance rifle practice and even using ball ammo most of the bullets fall to the ground directly below the point of impact. For Rifle Jenga we'll definitely be using soft-points so that the maximum amount of energy is transferred to the blocks.
Alterother, Oct 02 2013

       We got yours right here ...   

       <Proffers vest to [21Q]>
8th of 7, Oct 03 2013

       So once again I've been shooting things for science. Here goes:   

       I found in my scrap pile two chunks of 4" x 4" square tube (both 3/8" wall thickness and ~12" long) and tack-welded squares of 1/2" plate to one end of each. Up at my local sand pit I carefully leveled a patch of ground and put down a half-sheet of clean, painted plywood (exterior latex, I believe), then set the 'blocks' on that, one facing me, one end-on. Using Remington 6.8mm SPC 120 grain soft points, I fired from 200' (the rifle for this test is my custom crafted 6.8mm AR-15 with a 16" 1:9 barrel, topped with a 3- 9x32mm Federal Optics Countersniper III scope).   

       Resting individually on a smooth surface, the blocks can definitely be moved by the impact of a bullet. The block facing me moved back an inch or more when struck at or near the center (the furthest it slid with a single shot was about 2 1/4") and it spun nearly ninety degrees when struck close to the end.   

       The block facing end-on was, predictably, harder to budge. It slid only 3/4" when struck dead center, and hardly at all when struck near the edges. This may have had some to do with my mock-up work, as after only nine shots the tack welds broke and the end plate fell off. The dynamic might have been different had I fully welded it.   

       When I stacked the blocks, however, everything changed. The top block fell off nearly every time it was struck on the wide face and moved easily when struck on the end, but the bottom block hardly moved at all no matter what angle I fired from.   

       As for ricochet, there were none. All of my bullets that weren't completely disintegrated on impact came to rest on or near the plywood.   

       Further experimentation is possible, but I'd like to do it in as few trips as possible, so questions and suggestions will be hoarded until there are enough to warrant another test day.
Alterother, Oct 03 2013

       An accurate test probably requires at least 9 blocks, in three layers. If any of the middle blocks can be punched out of the stack, it's probably doable.   

       One caveat that worries me. One of the advantages of wood is that it is slightly uneven. That means that a given block might not have the full weight of the stack on it, which makes it easier to remove. You might actually benefit from slightly warped steel
MechE, Oct 03 2013

       I thought of that, and I could have gotten my torch and oil- canned one side a bit, but the whole point of going out to the pit was to zero my scope for hunting season, which doesn't take much time, so I didn't make extra room on my schedule.
Alterother, Oct 04 2013

       Alterother, I bow in your general direction. You deserve an award - I'll search for an appropriate one. Going to Arizona this weekend, just the place to be looking ;-)
normzone, Oct 04 2013

       There's an airplane graveyard out there; bring me back an F4 Phantom. I'll turn it into a jungle gym.   

       And please, I'm not in this for adulation or prestige. I simply believe that it is the duty of all amateur marksmen to devote their skills and equipment to the cause of Science whenever possible. Also, I enjoy shooting at inanimate objects in a safe and responsible manor.   

       Or in a sand pit. Whichever.
Alterother, Oct 04 2013

       I only know of one person around here who is in possession of a "manor", but I wouldn't be tempted to term it "safe and responsible".
lurch, Oct 04 2013

       That's why I went to the pits instead.
Alterother, Oct 04 2013

       I like this idea, but with a pyramid made of cans of spray paint. Maybe with a target pistol or even a powerful pellet gun.
bungston, Oct 05 2013


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