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RIBS - Really Important Backup Service

Database With The Stars
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For the data we really need to keep, regardless of how much mess we make of Earth, RIBS will take a backup of the very latest in medical, metallurgical and other critical scientific data aboard long-range probes to each of the most likely Earth-like locations in our part of the galaxy.

They will be set to travel slowly enough that we will catch up to at least some copies when we finally begin our diaspora to the stars, and send a regular "I Am Here" signal, and version details, so we can find them again, if we need them.

UnaBubba, Mar 25 2021

Bounced signal time capsule Bounced_20signal_20time_20capsule
[Voice, Mar 27 2021]


       The use case is that, when the B Ark reaches its destination, it's somehow lost its own library en route?
pertinax, Mar 25 2021

       I often get to places and realise I left my library at home.
pocmloc, Mar 25 2021

       For some reason, I seem to have abandonment issues. I get nervous when my "stuff" isn't right there with me.
blissmiss, Mar 25 2021

       How about a probe with a big mirror? You send the probe a good long way away, say 25 light years, and beam all your info at it continuously. 50 years later it comes back to you.
bs0u0155, Mar 25 2021

       As an embellishment to [UB's] idea, it might be a good idea to send this type of data out into our own solar system on a really long-period orbit. We'll more likely need it here than on Proxima XII.
AusCan531, Mar 26 2021

       Have you asked the Selenites the price of this storage, arm and a leg, I tell you.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 27 2021

       a1, that's hysterical. Yes, George, you get it. You understand me. If you were still alive I'd find you and kiss you.
blissmiss, Mar 27 2021


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