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Product Auto-fill

Use collective information to make inputting for all easier.
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My latest Shiny idea: - a subscription plug-in for Wordpress (and Drupal). - retailers of all sorts (digital, storefront, mainstream, etc.) can tap into it to get product data relevant to their products (photos, descriptions, weight, etc..) - they can import products instead of typing them in themselves - they can also post their products to defray their subscription costs (and populate this shared database) - it means labor-stressed businesses can get decked out websites - vendors can "push" their products by getting a account and populating their down data. - use UPC as the look-up - this is like my Alexandria book idea, but updated for all retail products.

Has it been done? Or, done well? How much could the service charge? Would retailers figure it out and buy-in?

WCIBACO, Feb 28 2014


       Is this one of those buzzword generating bots?
JesusHChrist, Mar 01 2014

       Anti-static athletic socks!
swimswim, Mar 01 2014

       You need to make sure that spammers can't access your input stream.
Vernon, Mar 01 2014

       Trying to decode the acronym, I'm stuck at "Why can't I buy a ...?"   

       Welcome to the half bakery, whoever you are.
pertinax, Mar 02 2014

       I'd like to see a product like this that was a bit aggressive. Something that goes out with the UPC or ISBN or whatever number, hunts down something on the internet, brings it BACK kicking and screaming, and butchers it right at the cash register. Good entertainment, but the kids can't watch of course.
popbottle, Mar 02 2014


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