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php database script generation with desktop database software

Openoffice Base/ Microsoft Access => web interface
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Simply allow Openoffice Base/ Microsoft Access , to generate a set of php files that emulates the database structure of your desktop files.

This allows you to quickly generate custom interfaces for your site, when you want a relational database of anything.

It should support flatfile databases, as well as mysql

Of course it should come with the option to create login screen if you don't want just anybody viewing it.

mofosyne, May 15 2011

Something like this.... http://www.fujitsu....isation/access-sql/
But for MySQL & PHP. I'm sure something exists. [not_only_but_also, May 17 2011]


       Unless you've already gone and made your site content in Access, I don't see how this would save time.   

       The one time I've needed to use an Access database with PHP I just exported to csv and read it as a flatfile. There are probably quicker/better ways (fairly sure phpMyAdmin can use Access and Excel formats).
mitxela, May 16 2011

       Can't you also transfer the data entries in your current Access files into MySql? That might answer your your needs.   

       Also phpMyAdmin is a 'administrator tool.   

       What if you want to create a DVD list for your friends to check out and check in.   

       Or a contact database that a number of friends can enter.   

       Or a small geo catching database?
mofosyne, May 16 2011

       This is basically a WIBNI since Microsoft have no reason to do this, especially as PHP is essentially a rival to ASP.
mitxela, May 16 2011


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