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RMB Save as video-image

Right mouse button on video has SAVE AS IMAGE
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Browser feature captures current image of video and downloads it.
pashute, Oct 06 2014


       Alt-print-screen generally takes a screen-shot of the current window, into the copy/paste bufer. After doing that, pause the video, open an image program, paste the screenshot, edit as appropriate, and save. Perhaps you are simply trying to do it faster?
Vernon, Oct 06 2014

       On some video players (VLC and Mplayer, for instance), there's a screenshot hotkey. You can redirect some HTML5 videos to an external (to the browser) player, if you like.
Spacecoyote, Oct 07 2014

       Yes, trying to do it faster. There's a "Save image as..." so why not "save video as image as..."? It would be pretty useful for meme makers, and the current web generation does that quite frequently.
pashute, Oct 19 2014


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