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Pause When Sleeping 2

Uses sleep tracking software in your smart watch or fitness tracker
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This is a shameless rip off of Mylodon's idea, but should alleviate the privacy concerns with giving a streaming company access to a camera in your home, and also doesn't require buying a new TV with a camera for eye tracking.
21 Quest, Oct 28 2022

LA Times: Netflix hackathon prototyping Sleep Tracker (2014) https://www.latimes...20140228-story.html
From the fact that a timer-based solution was in the news in 2021, I'm concluding that the fitbit-based approach didn't make it beyond the design sketch. [jutta, Oct 29 2022]

Other ways of detecting sleep https://docs.sleep..../sleep/sensors.html
[mylodon, Oct 31 2022]


       Ohhh that's interesting!
21 Quest, Oct 29 2022


       Here's how to detect sleep: Lay your body down, hang in a hammock, incline in the Laz-E-Boi, or stand propped in a corner, according to preference. Whether and how much you sleep is irrelevant. Get up/move if you are so totally wide awake that you are disturbing the other occupant(s) of the bed, or the neighbours (in the case of corner propping). Try lying down again later. Repeat.   

       *My partner use a FitBot-type watchband thingy whose periodic sensoring flashes just enough to startle me awake, even through the sleep mask, what with the PTSD and all, and there is no getting back to sleep for yonks. Bah.
Sgt Teacup, Nov 01 2022


       ...but this in no way helps sleep-walkers.   


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