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Streaming TV Web Server

Control my TV tuner/capture card from anywhere and stream the video
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I want to be able to take my TV with me wherever there is an internet connection!

Howabout an app that allows you to log in to a home media server with a web interface over the Internet, then it allows you to tune, capture, and stream the content on whatever channel it's tuned to? I could sit at my desk and stream SportsCenter, or TechTV, or The Comedy Stylings Of Carrot Top, optionally capturing it for later viewing?

I'm pretty sure there's an app out there that will allow you to log into your PC and control the capture portion of your TV tuner, but I want to stream it back to my desktop, too, so I can watch TV where there is no TV. (near-cable TV quality over hi-speed wireless

Yes, I understand the cable companies might not like this, and the broadcasters will have kittens (though we'd still be watching their boradcasts, right?) But, assuming for a moment that I promise to only allow one person on the server at a time, is that really a 're-broadcast'? Isn't it a private video stream? At least, in theory?

Either way, even if commercial ventures won't take this one on, I'm, betting there are enough intelligent coders out there that could whip it up in a weekend. I'm just surprised it's not widely known...

tculler, Oct 09 2003

"X-10" -- Smarthome. http://smarthome.com/smarthomelive.html
Turn your home theater on, from the convenience of someplace else. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

Slingbox http://www.slingmedia.com/indexa.php
Baked! [rrr, Sep 19 2007]

MythTV http://www.mythtv.org/
[hippo, Sep 19 2007]


       I just checked my own [link] and it looks like this is thoroughly baked with home automation like "X-10".
Amos Kito, Oct 09 2003

       The problem with the X-10 idea is two-fold:   

       1. It's about 80% of the way there. I know there are apps to tune or capture from somewhere else. I want to stream it to a distant desktop in real-time (the same time that it is broadcast to my home server from the cable company.)   

       2. A quote from one of the X-10 site sales pitches:   

       "For just a few dollars a month, you'll be able to...turn the stereo on or off, or even tell your TiVo, ReplayTV, or DishPVR to record a show if you're held up at the office and won't be home in time to watch it live."   

       I have (or can get) the server parts without using anything X-10-ish or touching my home theatre. Why pay some service when all of the parts (TV tunercapture card, PC and/or media server) already exist, but just need to be linked intelligently via software? However, I would probably pay the fellers that developed the software that puts it all together, unless it's GPL, at which point I'd heap praise upon them....
tculler, Oct 09 2003

       it exists, it's called Snapstream, and it's on version 3.0   

coco_lopez, Dec 17 2003

       This also sounds like MythTV (see link)
hippo, Sep 19 2007


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