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The "Life Disc" (LD)

Life Disc is your identification Pocket PC.
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A Life Disc would be a three-ince mini-disc that would be used to hold personal information such as individual identification, social record, will and other various information about that individual. Each Life Disc would come with an LDDU (life disc display unit) in which the LD would be inserted. The CU (combined unit) would then act as a PDA (personal digital assistant). The owner would be able to edit certain information and add programs. The CU would have a camera at the top of the LDDU in which the owner would look into and it would take a picture of the iris, therefore granting access to their own LD. In this way, no one would be allowed access unless granted by the owner to his/her own LDDU. The CU would also act as a GPS (global pinpinting service). The CU would also delete ther purpose of money because the disc would be used as the money and any other "credit cards" that the user may have. The PDA would run an advanced version of Windows CE. An LD and LDDU would be issued on the child's 13th birthday or, if necessary, when he/she graduates from high school by the government, a parent/guardian, teacher, specialist, etc.. Each week the user would need to insert the LD into a special "drive" wither in their own PC or a public LDU (life disc updater). This would record any changes in their life such as a crime committed, having a baby, buying a car, house etc.. However, money information would automatically be updated at the time of purchse or deposit. Checks would be a thing of the past and would go directly to the LDC (life disc charge). The money owed would slowly be paid back in a stable way so that the person does not go into deep debt.
Zaevodnik, Feb 11 2004


       It should be an RFID device because
(a) I love dream up new applications for those.
(b) You don't need any mechanics or electrical contacts to read/write.
(c) Everyone in the vicinity can read it so we are all on an equal footing when dealing with each other.
kbecker, Feb 11 2004

       I'm not sure why, but I just had to have a go at this. Zaevodnik is proposing a totalitarian civilization of bio-robots!
unclepete, Feb 12 2004


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