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Random Events Agency
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This top secret government agency Is responsible for totally random and unexpected publicly staged 'events.' Their mandate includes but is not limited to, UFO sightings on lonely back roads, carefully choreographed car chases down busy city streets, fire works displays you can see from a distance but can't make out where they are coming from or what the occasion is. Money 'accidentally' dropped in the street and found when you need it most is often the work of these guys. Bush fires that burn though the ecologically damaged and pest ridden scrub on the edge of cities, not touching any homes or hurting anyone but making the most beautiful summer sunset.

Nobody, not even the government knows who the R.E.A are, (ninjas I would expect,) the government gives them the funding and its up to the directors of the R.E.A to decide how its best spent. More secret than the CIA, FBI, DNA, SAS, RNA, CBD, KGB, AIS, the dudes who fly those black helicopters and the free masons, Life sure would be boring without them.

Gulherme, Sep 01 2003


       Breaking into people's houses to steal a single sock and to place an unidentifiable piece of vegetable matter to the rear of the fridge.
stupop, Sep 01 2003

       Sure would help to distract us from all the dumb things the rest of our government is doing all the time.
krelnik, Sep 01 2003

       Filling the fuel tanks of the random number generators.
FarmerJohn, Sep 01 2003

       // ninjas I would expect //   

       Keep talkin' buddy. You're this close to making our "List"...
DeathNinja, Sep 01 2003

       Random "relief" crop circles, occasionally followed by the sudden overnight existence of a very tall, lone stairwell...   

       (...still laughing at FJ's comment.)
Tiger Lily, Sep 01 2003

       //more secret than DNA// wht the crap? Loved the idea +
benlevi7, Sep 03 2003

       Do they employ the autoboner?
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2003

       I think I've seen one of their fronts ... its called "Toys for Tots" ... the government just wants you to THINK they're Marines, but I know better ... OOooh, look, there goes the "Jews For Jesus" tour bus!
Letsbuildafort, Sep 03 2003


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