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National Social Dynamics and Maker Association
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The government has a history of disability solutions that include the Navy, NASA and computers. And Maker Faire is happening at the old Navy Yard in DC.

NSDMA is a government agency where the disability community administers social space and its navigation through a series of events and spaces to facilitate the innovation cycle.

JesusHChrist, May 09 2014

Disabakery disabakery
[JesusHChrist, May 09 2014]


       I think I need a little more explanation. This is for Maker Faires run by people with disabilities? I certainly have nothing against it, except the whole government part, but I don't see the necessary advantage. There are smart and dumb people everywhere whether disabled or not.
MisterQED, May 09 2014

       I think it's intended to be a Non Disclosure Agreement with some S&M thrown in.
normzone, May 09 2014

       As a consequence for violating it? Or not violating it?
ytk, May 09 2014

       Purely as a hobby, as I understand it.
normzone, May 09 2014

       The second paragraph reads like it was generated by one of those automated phrase generators.   

       Leveraging the potential for enhancing stakeholder interactions in side-loaded social environments.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 09 2014

       JHC, didn't you already post a makers faire for disabled folks?
bungston, May 09 2014

       Yes, the linked "disabakery", but this one is a government administration, along the lines of naval science, aeronautics and space, or arpanet. I don't see the private side doing anything to protect the rights or interests of people with disabilities.
JesusHChrist, May 09 2014

       Is there something in particular driving you that you'd like to tell us about?
normzone, May 09 2014

       ^^and a recent "library" one
FlyingToaster, May 09 2014

       I think your Disabakery (maker space focused on solving problems with a disabled life) is better.   

       But, you are correct, that "who's going to fund the disabakery"? Yes, our government is best to fund this, as any private interest would infect it with "Brought to you by Carl's Jr!"...   

       Also, MakerFaire in SF Bay Area is next week. Any HB'ers going Sunday? We should organize a casual meetup there.
sophocles, May 10 2014

       I will be there, government in tow.
JesusHChrist, May 10 2014

       Anyone interested in meeting up by the Octopus tomorrow at noon?
JesusHChrist, May 17 2014


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