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Rack Pack

Carry your wife's purchases with ease
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We've all seen those cute backpacks that young parents use to lug Junior around until he has the motor skills to walk to the coal mines himself.

Why not adapt this to make your life easier when shopping with your wife? The Rack Pack would consist of a simple backpack frame, onto which would be welded a metal clothing rack system. As your beloved completes each round of picking out, trying on, and obsessing over her body neurotically, she can hang her selections on your Rack Pack instead of piling the jumbled mess into your arms and sprinting off to the nearest clearance rack.

You will be fulfilling your duties as a dutiful husband by carrying her purchases for her, without the distress of having so much apparel in your arms that you look like a Rayon iceberg with legs.

Of course, the obvious problem with this is that the more you can carry, the more she is likely to purchase. One solution is to charge a great deal more for the smaller Rack Pack (with Diminished Capacity!) than you would for the full-size version. The premium here would quickly be paid by more miserly husbands who could see the long-term cost-of-ownership outweighing the initial investment. Special long-sleeve shirts could be sold as matching accessories - The sleeves would be coated with Teflon, thus preventing loading of the arms in addition to the pack.

Surprisingly, my wife loves this idea. Something about "...not hearing you constantly complain when we go shopping", whatever that means.

justaguy, Apr 25 2004


       If you're not carrying the shopping, what use will your wife have for you? (Put wheels on this things, and she won't have to put up with the whining.)
DrCurry, Apr 25 2004

       Obviously, she will still need someone to wear the pack... unless she designs an android robot for this purpose.   

       I can feel my spinal disks herniating just by reading about this invention- croissant.
gastronaut, Apr 25 2004

       What's wrong with using a cart/trolley?
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2004

       The Rack Pack is designed to go where normal carts cannot - weaving through haphazardly arranged clothing racks in pursuit of a rampaging spouse.

Also, I'm thinking about adding in a folding chair option which would allow you to sit outside of changing rooms not suitably equipped.
justaguy, Apr 25 2004

       Similar to, but better than, an idea I had for a backpacksackrack to hold plastic grocery bags.
half, Apr 25 2004


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