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Private Carts

Keep those nosey health nuts out of your business
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Several times when I have been at the supermarket with my mother, she has whispered comments to me such as, "Well, no wonder he's fat. Just look at all the cookies, soda, chips, bacon, frozen pizza, ice cream....he's got there in his shopping cart". Of course she can say this because she's got a clear view into the big overloaded basket he's wheeling around. But who says that shopping carts have to be metal or plastic "cages"? What I eat in my home is nobody's business but my own. I reccommend producing shopping carts made of solid, opaque plastic that may even have a hinged lid on top. That way, no one knows what anyone else is buying and all are prevented from making snide remarks and assumptions about others' appearances and dietary habits.
tchaikovsky, Nov 26 2003

This would work [Lbaf] http://just-food.co..._detail.asp?art=737
[silverstormer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Shop online, fer gawd's sake.
DrCurry, Nov 26 2003

       Mrs Merton did this to perfection in The Fast Show
po, Nov 26 2003

       Unless you take the PEOPLE away from the till. SOMEONE is gonna be available to make snide judgements/remarks
Letsbuildafort, Nov 26 2003

       //That way, no one knows what anyone else is buying//   

       But just thinking about the perverts at the security cameras gives me the creeps.
"You saw that fat bitch, she took two packages of bacon!"
"You think its because it is on sale?"
"Naa, last week she took three and they were not on sale! She just likes to gorge. See those wobbling fold under her spandex?"
"Yeah, she could slip a whole side of beef in between and nobody would notice"
"Think she's shoplifting? I don't want to do a bodysearch on her, he he"
"Whoa, see that guy over there, punch a blow hole in his head and you have a whale"
kbecker, Nov 26 2003

       [R C] - now now, I'm sure that [tchaikovsky] was using "I" in the general, 2nd-person sense.
benjamin, Nov 26 2003

       Interesting observation: I recently went to Costco for the first time with a friend. For those of you not familiar with the store, it's a wholesale place that lets you buy things in huge quantities for low prices (food, household items, electronics, clothing etc). My friend and I bought lots of things to use in her family's yogurt shop-- big bags of candy toppings, cases of soda, cases of milk, lots of bananas. When we were getting ready to leave, my friend had to stop near the exit at the eyeglass counter to order some contact lenses. As I stood there watching our cart, literally everyone who passed by eyed my cart like there was something wrong with it, or like they were comparing their cart to mine. I have never experienced this kind of "cart staring" in a typical supermarket and it really made me kind of uncomfortable. I needed a Private Cart!
tchaikovsky, Jul 28 2004


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