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Shopping Cart Mouse

For a high-tech feel at the grocery store
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A computer mouse is attached to the grocery store shopping cart so you can click a product on the shelf and add it to your shopping cart just like you do on-line.
Mustardface, Feb 05 2005


       So you point the mouse at a box of laundry detergent, and click, and the box slowly floats into your cart?
robinism, Feb 05 2005

       No, you just put it in the cart yourself after you click on it with the mouse. It's just a way to make dull grocery shopping seem like high-tech on-line shopping. Everybody loves to point and click.
Mustardface, Feb 06 2005

       Maybe the mouse could have a bar code reader, so that when you click, the item is automatically crossed off your electronic shopping list.
robinism, Feb 06 2005

       There are (were?) shopping systems which allowed you to actually push a button to scan a product and add it to your cart. The checkout system was just a matter of re-docking the reader and letting it charge the pre-arranged credit card. (Good customers, random audits, yada-yada). At least pressing that button did something useful.   

       I don't know if it let you upload your shopping list to the store computer ahead of time, but that might make a nice feature.
half, Feb 06 2005


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