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Radar Controlled Variable Speed Bump Detector and Variable Suspension Setting Response System

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I really liked the smart speed bump idea (link) but on occasion a person will have just cause to be flying low.

In order to prevent the destruction of your automobile and allow you to maintain that critical pace, this aftermarket add-on detects the speed bump's radar pulse and automatically adjusts your vehicles suspension and accelleration to cope with the speed bump heights.

You'd have to have some configuration options regarding the degree of aggressiveness that the response system is willing to encourage - probably be based on a given brief time frame of driving history.

Dukes of Hazzard, move over.

normzone, Jul 01 2007

(?) Credit where credit is due Radar_20Controlled_...ble_20Speed_20Bumps
[normzone, Jul 01 2007]

Automatic speed bump that reacts to vehicles http://www.engadget...reacts-to-vehicles/
The reverse is already being considered! [yaragn, Jul 01 2007]

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I'm going to have to upgrade my sensor package Arrestaeration
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Countermeasures system released https://www.carandd...te-smart-lift-nose/
[normzone, Apr 05 2020]


       You could combine this with a passive radar detector for speed cameras that genly brakes. And a custard radar signature detector that alerts you to leaky custard speed bumps.
wagster, Jul 01 2007

       Love the acronym.
yaragn, Jul 01 2007

       Ah! A speed limit cold war.
nuclear hobo, Jul 01 2007

       + I could have used this before.
xandram, Jul 02 2007

       Yes, [BrauBeaton], the arms race is on. I'm currently designing a ramp which will deploy across the gap created by the road and the top of the speed bump.   

       As the car utilises the ramp to jump the bump, the ramp is retracted and re-armed for the next deployment.   

       Although I am accruing a lot of weight in hydraulics, I'm trying to keep the weight down by using titanium wherever possible.   

       The computing speed required to time this is a bit costly as well, but, as they say, "when it has to be there on time...".
normzone, Jul 02 2007

       Couldn't you just fire an anti-radar missile to take out the sensor array? 'Cause that would probably both cost and weigh less.   

       More exciting too.
elhigh, Jul 03 2007

       The randomly convex/concave speed bump/ditch will thwart your evil counter-measures.
marklar, Jul 03 2007

       (static, then voice of traffic reporter, sound of helicopter)   

       " And the spring actuated speed bumps are malfunctioning again - it's backed up all the way to the 215 - you'd better plan on being late "
normzone, Jul 03 2007

       Just don't slow down, I never do in the Honda minivan (the VW Golf is a different story, but as soon as I get the new skidplate, I'm going speed bump hunting). Well, except on those big wide woop-dee-doos, have to slow for those in just about anything.   

       You'd be surprised how ineffective most speed bumps actually are; rarely does one jar much at all, and you never know until you hit it fast.   

       (If you have a low car, lookout, you could lose your oil pan)   


       Hmmm, I wonder how the infinity Q45a (a is for active suspension) handled speed bumps? Theoretically should have smoothed them out perfectly, but I bet they put something in the software to give you a bit of a jolt on purpose.
oxen crossing, Jul 04 2007

       where is the energy going to go? Even with very light suspension components the velocity the tire/wheel/rim/struts are going to acquire when you hit the speed bump is going to be tremendous. There is an upper limit to the efficiency of friction damping and even the most sophisticated suspension isn't able to damp that much energy that fast. You will feel a bump and your suspension will be hit very hard. There is no skyhook.
WcW, Jul 07 2009


       "There is no skyhook"
normzone, Jul 07 2009


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