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electric flounder speedbump

a flounder that lights bridges
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A bladder in the shape of a flounder, laid out on a bridgedeck (or directed motorway) where traffic has to hit it. The flounder shape reduces impact. The closed system, flounder/bladder has a large one-way intake valve and a small one-way out-put valve. When rolled over by a vehicle the weight of the vehicle causes liquid in the flounder to shoot under pressure into a storage tank. The large input valve immediately fills the flounder from a recovery tank inline in the system, ready for the next vehicle. When the storage tank has enough vehicle hits and an appropriate amount of pressurized liquid in it, it opens another valve which shoots a jet of liquid which turns a turbine. This feeds a battery which powers the bridge lights. The Brooklyn, the Golden Gate, lit by fish
fried dwight, May 23 2011


       [+] Better make it a very long flounder, or people will be driving around it.
sqeaketh the wheel, May 23 2011

       Those not in cars, but jogging, might pound around a flounder.
pocmloc, May 23 2011


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