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Moving Speedbumps

They Match your speed for much bigger bump
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Moving speed bumps track towards the vehicle at the same speed the vehicle is moving toward the bump, below a minimum threshold they will remain stationary, that way people who rush through will get an exponentially harder impact with the bump than those that follow the rules.
jhomrighaus, Dec 21 2006


       Never seen a speed bump in the road, only ever seen them in parking lots in the driving lanes where there are no parked cars.
jhomrighaus, Dec 21 2006

       OK then you make them narrow enough that they don't hit the parked cars.
jhomrighaus, Dec 21 2006

       This could be very handy to stop people from parking illegally! Shake em up! Or for 21 Quests minimum speed.. bump coming up on 6 o' clock!   

       How would this work?
jmvw, Dec 21 2006

       It would be easier to make the bump taller or shorter, than to impart a side to side motion.   

       A bump that grew taller after fifty fast cars and shorter after fifty slow cars, could be solar powered since the time between adjustments would be huge.   

       And Cinderella - Bumps could appear during rush hour, and disappear at midnight or when pumpkins driven by mice appear.
popbottle, Aug 19 2016

       // pumpkins driven by mice appear //   

       That's usually not long after you've taken those tablets you bought from the man in the nightclub, [pop].
8th of 7, Aug 19 2016

       Outstanding idea. Beta testing, my street. Where do I sign? [+]
whatrock, Aug 19 2016

       //rack towards the vehicle at the same speed the vehicle is moving toward the bump// So, these things are all going to end up in the sea after a couple of days.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 19 2016

       I'm opposed to speed bumps on every level, physical, philosophical, aesthetic you name it. The whole point of the road is to provide a smooth and convenient surface upon which to move about. That some people find them sufficiently convenient that they go quite fast, is simply an endorsement of the general principle. Installing a hulking great lump on the road is the equivalent of blunting hypodermic needles, throttling internet, de- rating kettles or demanding Snickers bars be 10% vinegar. Only worse. I used to drive around in a Nissan Micra, (I've since recovered, thanks for asking) at the time I was particularly affected by the speed bumps all around my parents house* while the neighbors Range Rover was entirely unconcerned with the council's meager attempt at impeding it's progress. So the council spent £1000's in tax** doing nothing to stop Range Rovers from doing 40 past a primary school. Worse, the cars have acted as a 2- 3 ton hammers when they hit the bumps, subsequently the area surrounding the bump is depressed to the 6 inch bump is now a 1 inch projection from a 5 inch hole.   

       My favorite experience of speed bumps however, is the gentle massage they provide as you ride over the minimum 22 jarring wastes of cash between the site of the break and the nearest bone mending location.   

       Sorry about the rant. I forgot speed bumps existed on actual public roads until my recent trip back to the UK.   

       * eventually the shocks and bushings failed, one of the more expensive jobs on a '98 Micra, I didn't get much change out of a £20 note I can tell you that for nothing. ** not mine.... hehehehe.
bs0u0155, Aug 19 2016

       speed-radar-activated caltrops?
Voice, Aug 21 2016


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