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Singing Smoke Alarm

The roof is on fire
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Smoke alarm speakers aren't used often. They could be linked to a home entertainment system (and your security system) to do so much more:

You could set your system to play soothing nature sounds, or set it to a radio station.

You could set the system to play a certain song during a fire (I would set it to Ring of Fire, but other appropriate songs come to mind). You could also download various siren sounds off the internet. If you like WWII movies, you could download an air raid siren. Or maybe you'd prefer a U-Boat siren (awoo-ga! awoo-ga!).

If your smoke detectors had built-in microphones, and your home entertainment system was hooked up to the internet, the system could turn the mics on during a fire, dial the police automatically, and act as an emergency speaker-phone. If the detectors had built in thermometers, they could tell the fire department how hot the fire was and which rooms were affected.

If you linked your home entertainment system to your alarm system, the microphones could also record intruders.

plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009


       I like that last part.   

       All you really want is to tie your smoke alarm into some sort of "smart house" system. Well, when it comes to safety systems simpler really is better. (-)
WcW, Mar 07 2009

       If it had a problem, it could display an error message on your computer.
plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009

       And if your computer has a problem, it can alert your cellphone. And the cellphone, if it has a problem...batsignal?
Spacecoyote, Mar 07 2009

       No, then you burn. But at least you'll be listening to some nice disco music while the microphones record your screams.
plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009

       I'm not about to trust Windows with my life. (or any other OS for that matter)
Spacecoyote, Mar 07 2009

       Smoke alarms are dangerous when their batteries die. If you play music daily on your smoke alarm, you're going to notice if the battery dies.
plasticspoon, Mar 07 2009

       I think this is a very good idea. It could blast out your least favorite song if you were a really heavy sleeper. That'd wake ya! +++++ [Thinks Barry Manilow and then ducks.]
blissmiss, Mar 07 2009

       Could it come in the shape of a moving fish?
jutta, Mar 07 2009


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