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Radio Helmet

a helmet for ski/snowboreding with built in radio
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lots of people have those handheld radios, but to use them you have too take them out of your jacket, take off your glove to press the button. that makes thier use only for on the chairlift. but if you built the radio into the helmet you could use anywhere (within range of who you want to talk to) it would have a retractibal headset so if you fall it wont get damaged. a small stuby antienna on the back so it not in your way. the broadcast button would be on the side of the helmet and large enugh to press with glove on easly. the lever that pulls the mic in and out could be under that button. have a hatch on the top for the channel changeing buttons etc...(you really only need to adjust that at the start of your day) or put in voice technology in (like the cell phones) to change channals. they have something like this in police riot gear.
i-Mer, Feb 15 2002

Ear bud and microphone set http://www.amherst..../radio/ACC-705a.jpg
Not a helmet, but it'd fit under your hat. [phoenix, Feb 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Auto racing communications http://www.racingel....com/racecomms.html
Helmet based 2 way. Um, a little expensive. [bristolz, Feb 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Zenith Radio Hat http://www.idl.dund...nith_radio_hat.html
Faux retro design project at U Dundee. [jutta, Feb 16 2007]




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