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strapless suction helmet

helmet stays on your shaved bald head using suction not straps
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i like bike helmets not motorcycle helmets. i hate straps.

i can shave my head. the helmet has a big sucker type thing on the outside that sucks onto the top of your head. thus, your helmet stays on your head without straps. you just plop it on and it sucks on top.

one possible problem is the the threshold of effective suction pressure is too great for the skull skin (scalp) to be in equilibrium with. by this i mean, you get an intolerably bad black and blue and blood aggregation .

if there was a perfect just balanced amoutn of pressure that would keep the helmet on your head without sucking your skin too hard----this could work.

teslaberry, Oct 13 2014

suction mechanism-----powered by gravity https://www.kicksta...-mug-that-wont-fall
the suction mechanism in the helmet would have to work like this. [teslaberry, Oct 13 2014]

Kipa glue invention - needs more development https://www.youtube...watch?v=6QGL9dwUHlk
Oh Yekutiel I'm so happy you came quickly! Well you said its urgent so I came. Well I have a new Jewish start-up! What now? Its an invention for the "wearing a kipa holy commandment". What is the worst problem with the Kipa? That it flies away? Correct! That it flies away, but smell knows not! OK you're not a person for jokes, and I respect that. So what do we use to solve that? A pin. Correct! We use a pin. But what should one who is bald do? For that reason I have invented the Kipa-Glue. Would you like to try it? Ouch its stuck. Please help me. You know what go and get some thinner... OK it seems this needs further development [pashute, Oct 14 2014]


       Given that I see football players lose their helmets in a quick tumble on a regular basis, I think the ability to have your helmet come off in a minor crash and gain a bunch of head hickeys would be amusing.   

       But I'll keep my hair and strap, motorcycle and all.
normzone, Oct 13 2014

       How does it protect the sides, back, front and bottom of your head?
pocmloc, Oct 13 2014

       Trained cephalopods ?
8th of 7, Oct 13 2014

       No - have you?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2014

       Just copy the mechanism of that one robot gripper that used the plastic sack filled with beads, that stiffened when a vacuum was pulled.   

       The helmet would consist of a hard outer shell covering a rubber bag containing a large number of foam beads.   

       The user mashes the helmet onto their head and bends the rubber parts that "squish out" around the sides to go underneath their chin.   

       Then, vacuum is applied via a one-way valve. The suction packs the foam particles together, resulting in a rigid foam helmet that is moulded around the user's head.   

       To remove the helmet, a toggle-switch to release the vacuum and let air back into the bag is required.
sninctown, Oct 13 2014

       Nice adaptation, but [slab] wanted it to be strapless.   

       I've always liked the strapless look, but I don't know about in this application.
normzone, Oct 13 2014

       Hmm, 4 holes in the skull should provide enough grip, and given the correct angle, and strong enough light, should make for a see-through cerebellum.   

       Suggest small screens on a headband to provide mental privacy.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 13 2014

       Magnetic skull-cap implant?   

       How about a cranial implant of some light, strong substance, shaped to cover and protect the brain on all sides?   

       We could even make it out of some organic substance such as bone.
pocmloc, Oct 14 2014

       I'm sure that with enough motivation, the fine folks at OtterBox would design a headcase that form-fits your noggin. They might even offer a warranty should your skull crack open.
RayfordSteele, Oct 14 2014


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