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Radio Signal Teleporting

Transport radio signals over the Internet
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I'm thinking of a system that would allow you to "teleport" a certain radio signal between two remote locations by digitizing the transmission on one end and converting it back to radio and re-broadcasting on the other end.

I'm not sure what the hardware would look like, but it should be able to create an accurate digital copy of what the signal looks like on one end and be able to reproduce a signal sent to it in digital form.

This can have countless applications: using your cell phone in any country by teleporting the GSM signal from home to a hotel room (you would actually get coverage from your own home network, not from a local network). You would be able to listen/watch home radio/TV stations when you're travelling. Heck, you could even get messages from your US pager network when travelling in Japan! :)

Any takers? :)


-- Razvan Dragomirescu Chief Technology Officer SIMEDA GmbH www.simeda.com

razvan, Jun 30 2003


       Sounds like packet radio turned inside out.
lurch, Jun 30 2003

       One word - latency. Okay perhaps for simplex communication, but not for duplex. A voice call for example would be impractical
rossgk, Feb 06 2008

       PTT? (PoC)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 06 2008

       Transporting the data may be managable, but transporting the carrier would not. Assuming you have a dedicated T1 you only have a 1Mb speed. Cell phones are transmitting in the 1-2GHz range. So you'd have to decode on one end, packet to the other and then retransmit. This is what cell phone companies do, but it is not my idea of fun. I'd suggest a Skype account.   

       As for listening to radio or TV stations, I'd suggest a Slingbox or Sony's version of same.
MisterQED, Feb 06 2008


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