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'Spacer In Training' web client

Simulate lightspeed delays, observe effect on modes of interaction
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This places an intentional delay on each outgoing and incoming packet. The length of the time delay depends on the mission being simulated. For a moon mission, a second and a half each way should suffice, making almost-real-time services like videoconferencing, chat and IM almost tolerable. Users simulating more far-flung missions will likely stick with email and the like, and experiment with more batch-oriented ways of browsing the Web.
LoriZ, May 27 2010


       This is going to make people playing Second Life look even more awkward than now.
swimswim, May 27 2010

       In real life or in the game, or both perhaps?   

       I was thinking along the lines of something involving UFO-flake apprentices.
RayfordSteele, May 27 2010


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