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Rain Jacket with tails

a rain jacket that pervents water from getting on your pants
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well if you've been in rain for awhile, the water goes down your jacket and ends up on your pants, I propose that a jacket have a gutter system at the bottem (just curled up fabric) that loops around back to 1 or 2 tails that go down and out (in an upside-down V shape if you will).they would stay stable by some wire like substance in the fabric. The water trickles down the tails and onto the grond without soaking your pants. the tails could roll up so you don't have them hanging out all the time and getting caught on things. That could be done with a small ripcord that you can pull and relash. it would be located somewhere on the chest of the jacket for easy access.

P.S. I couldnt find a Category for raincoats or coats so I just put under fashion in general

i-Mer, Mar 16 2002

...in your choice of colors. As long as you like olive... http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/
[phoenix, Mar 16 2002]


       Some one (probably English) will say Anaronak (or some such). I'm going to say plastic garbage bag. Maybe I'll say parka.   

       Boffo idea, but I'd prefer downspouts over tails.
phoenix, Mar 16 2002

       Personally, I would prefer gargoyles with fierce open mouths spouting simulated flames.
neelandan, Mar 16 2002

       The idea is oddly elegant. I like the image of people walking in tailcoats that are raincoats at the same time.
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 16 2002

       Wear waterproof trousers, get a bus, take a taxi or just drive - I never get wet pants except for when the tap in the bathroom sprays too hard maybe they need some sort of protective shield on them.
The(n)iceman, Mar 24 2004


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