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Rain on Demand

Mount Sprinklers up in trees.
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Yes, I am a freak.

On a warm summer night, I enjoy standing in my front yard and spraying water straight up so that I and my freakish friends can prance around like children in a summer rain.

I know they have rigs like this for rain scenes in movies. I want one in my front yard.

cljudge, Jan 13 2004

Feather Mister spray sytems http://www.wingedaq...s/feathermister.pdf
Install in any tree with supplied twist ties. <PDF> [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

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       ever thought of having a monkey (or several) as pets?
po, Jan 13 2004

       Have rain on demand. <link>
Klaatu, Jan 13 2004

       Me too?
phoenix, Jan 13 2004

       How exactly does this make you freakish?
k_sra, Jan 13 2004

       True Scout, but I sometimes want a tropical monsoon that threatens to wash away my lawn. Mister single nozzle is not quite up to the task.   

       k_sra: Because some of my freakish "friends" have been dead for three years.
cljudge, Jan 13 2004

       (po)You're referring to "winged monkey sprinklers"?   

       There are times I find it relaxing to listen to the rain, I could enjoy it even if I'm not dancing in it.
no12pass, Jan 13 2004


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