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shower board games

suction cup game pieces for playing in shower
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Many showers have tiled walls. A set of chess/checkers/go pieces with suction cups would let you play a game against someone you shared the bathroom with, one move per day. Angle bracket pieces could be used to mark the edge of the playing area.
aigeek, Aug 15 2002

Baked http://elseware.to/products/make_move.htm
I think. (The description is rather odd.) [DrCurry, Aug 15 2002]


       a really nice idea - you will need to overcome the cheating aspect though. croissant to you.
po, Aug 15 2002

       [FYI, the other products on the link are wonderfully half-baked, especially the rocking horse toilet, and the toilet aquarium.)
DrCurry, Aug 15 2002

       Let me get this straight. You want to take a shower with somebody, and stand there playing board games?   

       Ok, one move per day, granted. In fact, croissant.
sadie, Aug 16 2002


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