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Self-tugging Shower Lasso

Fall asleep in the shower, safely.
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A revolutionary winch-device, which attaches itself to your shower unit.

Waterproof rope extends a full five feet from the winch, which can then be tied around your middle, keeping you balanced. You are now free to fall asleep in the shower, without losing the benefits of being perpendicular.

But how will you wake up, you ask? Simple. The winch is fitted with a clever timer. So after, say, ten minutes, it will start reeling you back in at an alarming rate, rag-dolling you around the shower cubile until you are alert enough to hit the emergency stop button - fresh, wet and wide-awake!

kpx, Sep 04 2001


       Unsafe. The problem isn't keeping your midsection up, it's keeping your feet beneath you on a low-friction surface.
bookworm, Sep 04 2001

       i just keep picturing this idea of indoor wet bungee jumping
po, Sep 04 2001

       Are PeterSealy and I the only ones around here who don't find staying awake in the shower to be a problem?
Couple of problems:
1. If you're prone to falling asleep showering anyway, what about the brief time before and after strapping your "lasso" on? Isn't that a big vulnerability.
2. If you did fall asleep in the shower with the water running, wouldn't the capacity of your water heater, and the flow rate of your shower, pretty much provide a predictable alarm?
3. How are you going to clean the skin under the straps or whatever?
If falling asleep while showering is really that much of a problem, take a bath.
quarterbaker, Sep 04 2001

       If the water pressure in your home is as weak as it is in my apartment, you might be tempted to doze off in the shower.
snarfyguy, Sep 05 2001

       I want to see indoor wet bungee jumping. Sounds fun to me.
barnzenen, Sep 05 2001

       I guess I have a dirty mind, cuz I thought this was going to be tugging you in a "different way."
danrue, Sep 05 2001

       Me too, danrue. I read "Self-Tugging Shower Lasso" and assumed another shower-orgasm device idea.
AfroAssault, Sep 05 2001

       Tying one's self up in a shower sounds close to BDSM to me. Not *uncomfortably* close, you understand... but...   

       However, I suggest an alternative: The Shower Chair!   

       Actually, it's just one of those platsic lawn chairs tossed in the shower, but, hey, it allows for sleeping under warm running water without drowning. And poor folks can afford it.   

       One disadvantage, though: those nasty criss-cross marks those chairs always give your behind, coupled with already-pruney shower skin could only lead to a condition which might be dubbed "geezer ass."   

       Damn. Maybe we should just stick with running through the sprinkler after all.
jester, Sep 06 2001


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