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Rainforest pod hotel

Mobile hotel for use in jungles
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Imagine the vast pristine Amazon rainforest. The trees with their layered canopy are fascinating. Sunsets of this primeval forest are amazing. Imagine that you could all witness it up close.

The mobile jungle pod hotel allows you to. The 2-person pods are very simple structures [see pic], lightweight, and can be transported by a helicopter to a pristine location.

All that is needed is a team from the hotel to prepare the site - an easy, quick task. In comes the helicopter, with the guests and the pod. It drops the needle-pod in the hole, and off it goes.

The top space of the pod is designed for sleeping and to observe great vistas and sunsets over the rainforest. The lower part contains the utilities: a battery with enough power to last for the 1 week stay (light and a ventilator), 300 liter water for drinking and showering, and a storage space. This lower part can be moved up and down the needle, like a lift, so that the tourist can choose which level of the tree gallery to explore. He can descend entirely and go for a hike.

The pod allows for romantic, luxury, non-destructive tourism in pristine rainforests.

(Cuisine and tourist guide pods are also dropped off at the same location.)

django, Aug 26 2006

Jungle pod http://i3.photobuck...iesel/junglepod.jpg
Simple, might work [django, Aug 26 2006]

Forest pod. http://www.gizmag.com/go/4121/
Easily adaptable. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 27 2006]

Castles Castles
Maybe something like this? [bungston, Aug 28 2006]

Half Baked Tree_20Hotel
Different technology, same result. (Temporary tree hotels.) [DrCurry, Aug 28 2006]


       Preheated. Don't recall if it's Mona Lisa Overdrive or Count Zero - I think it's the latter by William Gibson.
normzone, Aug 28 2006

       I have seen pictures of the apparatus currently used by researchers to study the canopy - it is like a huge net spread out over the treetops. A quick google failed to turn anything up, but this net method seems easier on the forest than dropping huge spikes into it. Plus it seems quite a gamble that the spike will stick.   

       I think that you should sell these forest pods to [Antegrity's] Iraq invention group and they could drop them into occupied cities and fire large guns out of them. When the occupation ends, the exiting army could paint the pod part to resemble a large and angry eyeball glowering down at the city.
bungston, Aug 28 2006

       You may have upped the technology ante a bit, but I've already posted the tree hotel thingy - see link.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2006

       Plant underground egg house on top of acron - wait one hundred years - hey presto - it's now a jungle pod. (+) for idea - but no need for a hole. Just make the needle bit strong enough, and drop it from a great height, like an arrow.   

       Off topic, but has to be said: Enjoy the rainforest while you can folks - soon all that lovely mahogany will be gone to make church pews and other crap, vulgar furniture, and guess which country has the biggest appetite for it and doesn't give a toss where it comes from ???
xenzag, Aug 28 2006


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