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Scaled-Down Gothic Cathedral

Live in a big tall church
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I've always loved the architecture of gothic cathedrals, with all the flying buttresses and rib vaulting. It would be great to build at least one wing of your house in this way, just scaled down to have 10-15 ft. ceilings.

You could probably make the whole thing out of brick, then add frescos, stained glass windows, tapestries, whatever you want. It would also have great accustics, perfect for a home theatre or pipe organ.

discontinuuity, Oct 05 2005

Rib vaulting http://www.nelepets...itecture/cant10.jpg
Rib vaulted cieling made of stone and brick. [discontinuuity, Oct 06 2005]


       I would love one of these - perhaps as an outbuilding music studio. However, as with real cathedrals, you'd need to carefully watch the fine line between attractive utility and ostentatious excess.
CecilL, Oct 05 2005

       Wood isn't quite as cool as brick or stone though. I'll put a link for a picture of rib faulting. Imagine it on your cieling.
discontinuuity, Oct 06 2005

       sounds very "Laurence Llewellyn Bowen" to me!
po, Oct 06 2005

       Goodness [raspberry re-tart], what large canines you have!
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 06 2005


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