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Real Sand Castles

Not just for kids anymore!
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Did you ever make sand castles using little plastic molds on the beach when you were a kid? Remember wishing you could make the castle bigger? Have you ever wished you lived in a castle? Now you can have a life sized sand castle... and live in it!!!

Metal prefabricated castle sized sand castle molds are placed face down on the sand at the designated location (for a price). The mold is then pumped full of a sand/clay/silt/water mixture via holes at the top.

Then the mold is heated to one thousand degrees Fahrenheit for sixty minutes; hardening the mixture. The mold is removed and designers come in and carefully carve out an illustrious interior.

Walla!!! Your very own sand castle!!!

Note: Insurance not included. You’ll probably have to have your castle rebuilt periodically. Mote sold separately.

Mr Buttersworth, Jan 14 2007

Sandy metropolis A_20Real_20Sandpit
similar outcome with a different method [xenzag, Jan 14 2007]

baked for TV http://abc.go.com/p...ery/episode3/5.html
[xandram, Jan 14 2007]

Wikipedia: Yom Kippur / Ramadan / October War http://en.wikipedia...r#Combat_operations
Background on the sand fortification and water cannon attack Germanicus recounts. [jutta, Jan 14 2007]


       The Israeli army make a huge sand wall and sand fortifications on the Egyptian border at the suez canal. It was destroyed very effectively by an eyptian water cannon pumping straight out of the Suez canal.   

       True story.
Germanicus, Jan 14 2007

       Walla! Love it.
theleopard, Jan 14 2007


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