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Random Electronic Stylish Outfit Generator

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Your days of committing fashion-don'ts and sartorial faux pas are about to come to an end. With the implementation of RFID technology, the fashion potential of your entire wardrobe can be strategically maximized.

The flat, touch-screen Random Electronic Stylish Outfit Generator (RESOG) console in your closet detects every individual garment you own*, thanks to its tiny RFID tag. The apparatus' interweb connection permits constant updates with new information about shifting trends, giving increasing weight to ascending INs and retiring passé OUTs. It can even suggest new pieces from your favorite designers that would replace tired threads you own. Touch "BUY" and have your account charged and your selections delivered to your home the next day!

With a variety of settings, from "Urban Professional" to "Neo-Boho", to even "Saturday Night Slattern", the RESOG will coordinate a variety of possible fashionable ensembles, ranked by stylishicity. Say "goodbye" to mismatched fabrics and colors, and "hello" to haute. Get RESOGged today!

*RESOGco respects your privacy and does not share your information with evil corporate interests. Unless you want it to.

nihilo, May 25 2006

To Wear Or Not To Wear To_20Wear_2c_20Or_20Not_20To_20Wear
[theircompetitor, May 25 2006]

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       This might be a good idea for some folks, but I would feel it an insult to myself. It would detract from one's personal style and sense of self.
xandram, May 25 2006

       The RESOG is designed to capitalize on your personal style, not detract from it.   

       Your clothes are your own, you selected them, and they are a reflection of your individual tastes; the RESOG operates within the constraints of that framework. It is not a makeover machine. It is a tool that takes what you have and offers suggestions to maximize it, the same way a personal fitness trainer is not intended to hinder you, but rather magnify your potential.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       Not 'magnify' your potential. Merely aids you to reach it.
And you didn't even say 'synergistic' once.
methinksnot, May 25 2006

       Not to worry; contrary to what is popularly asserted, the future is NOT now, but will commence shortly (after a word from our sponsor).
nihilo, May 25 2006


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