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The Naked Shelf

The X-Ray App For That
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Ever rummage through every single draw to to find the one item of clothing you need, or watched your significant other open one shoebox after another looking for that one pair?

Proposed here is a smartphone app that would simply reveal the contents of a closet, a draw, a shoebox, or any other Schrödinger container via the relatively low tech solution of capturing its contents prior to closing and mapping its location via any number of indoor mapping strategies, including indoor GPS and or enclosing container image recognition.

theircompetitor, Aug 19 2012

Similar idea - less utility but more fun. http://mashable.com...mented-reality-app/
[AusCan531, Aug 19 2012]

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Prior Art [8th of 7, Aug 19 2012]


       Somebody has sorta already baked this with the higher purpose of seeing through model's clothes [link]. Your idea still has utility so, unlike [21Q], I shall actually deliver you a bun.
AusCan531, Aug 19 2012


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