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Random Video Store

inspired by the random pie emporium
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Eliminate the inevitable conflict and unhappiness that you will cause when entrusted to select a video everyone will want to watch by visiting the Random Video Store.

For the fully random selection, simply walk in, enter your cashcard, hit the big red rubber random button and watch an utterly unexpectable DVD/video fall down a chute into your sweaty palm.

The faint at heart can use stonerfriendly computer touchscreens to set parameters (e.g. no Brigitte Neilsen, lots of hats, boobs, whatever) to avoid films that will cause them upset.

calum, Dec 20 2004


       [-] It's not that I don't think this is possible, but I'm pretty sure that it will end up in everyone getting a movie which they won't enjoy. "Oh yay, The Joy Luck Club!" By the time you set enough criteria, you're basically going to have selected a movie already. It's easier to select by what you want to see than by what you don't want to see. It's nice in an automat sort of 1950s vision of the future sort of way, though.
contracts, Dec 20 2004

       The Joy Luck Club r0x0red my b0x0rs.
calum, Dec 20 2004

po, Dec 20 2004

       I do this already, it's as easy as closing your eyes and spining around a few times before you pick up a movie box.   

       Last time I got a woody allen movie.   

       it was cool.
photojunkie, Dec 20 2004

       [photojunkie], I've tried that too. After the first two attempts yielded such results as ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ and ‘Best of Ready Teddy Death’, I just reverted back to orthodox shelf scanning.   

       I think the crap-filtering mechanism described in paragraph three is a good idea, so here's a big bad croissant to add to the collection.
spiritualized, Dec 20 2004


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