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'SAY IT' with flowers

petal messages
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I've found (through personal childhood experiments) that when heat is applied to a flower petal, it drastically changes color.

The idea here is to set up a flower shop where the in-store artist etches personal messages on the petals using a soldering pen.

This not only looks lovely, but also eliminates the need for a card.

shinobi, Jan 14 2007

Laser engraving on bean plant leaves (2005) http://news.bbc.co....pacific/4209571.stm
[jutta, Jan 14 2007]

Rice Whine http://www.abc.net....stories/s979794.htm
When flowers can't say enough [Grimjack, Jun 29 2007]


       They sell plants with messages on them at KB Toys nowadays, so... baked.   

       On the other hand, bun for flowery goodness.
themuffinking, Jan 14 2007

       Kind of like what Apollo did.
nineteenthly, Jan 14 2007

       I like it.. Plus we are saving just that tiny bit more of a tree... but less flowers.. obviously.. ( cough)
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 14 2007


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