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Your one stop insurrection shop.
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We have it all Catapults, battering rams, shields, clubs, body armor and portable barracades. Sick of the Man always having the good stuff? Now you can too at RiotGear_ForRioters.com All items are fully customizable and are made out of high quality recycled plastics.

So next time you need to arm an angry mob, dont forget to stop at your one stop insurrection shop.


10clock, May 04 2005

(?) Riot gear supply http://www.chiefsupply.com/riotgear.phtml
[normzone, May 04 2005]

Riot Control Bears Riot_20Control_20Bears
Rioters still have no chance against my shameless plug! [DocBrown, May 06 2005]

(?) Here you go http://img25.echo.c...25/3231/temp2al.jpg
Rioter ready for action [Aq_Bi, May 06 2005]

(?) New York State Corrections Dept. http://www.docs.state.ny.us/
Department of Correctional Services, the folks who might have riot shields with "corrections" on them. [disbomber, May 07 2005]


       Why would you need a battering ram? Planning to get at the midnight rioters at the local castle?   

       But still, I like this. [+]
froglet, May 04 2005

       Battering rams are good methods of gaining fellow rioters. Nothing says, "Come out and riot" as much as a big door smashing pillar.
Come to think of it, I've been looking for a new catapult. Do they come in flaming?
hidden truths, May 04 2005

       Plastic riot gear, hmmm. Thanks, but I'll shop at [norm]'s link.
Shz, May 05 2005

       Norms link is for cops. Riotgear_ForRioters.com is for Anarchists
10clock, May 06 2005

       I love that first link. Can someone photo shop out the word "POLICE" and put in RIOTER. You might have to erase the guys helmet too, or put a peace sticker on it.
macncheesy, May 06 2005

       [norm]'s link: 'CORRECTIONS'? Who has a riot shield with CORRECTIONS on it? This sounds like it should have small type underneath: "at last week's riot, our slogan mistakenly incited onlookers to 'Smash the WI.' This should clearly have read 'Smash the WTO'. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to the Women's Institute."
moomintroll, May 06 2005

       //Who has a riot shield with CORRECTIONS on it?//   

       The corrections department, perhaps?
disbomber, May 07 2005

       Oh, it's a euphemism for prison. Silly me, I forgot. Still prefer my version, anyway.
moomintroll, May 07 2005

       If someone were to start this, would it be legal? I guess all information on the site would have to be worded in a sense, so that if read if would not be "inciting" anything. Its sort of like when you go into a smoke shop. You cant mention pot or bongs, or smoking pot out of bongs. You have to say, water pipe and that you are going to smoke tobacco out of said water pipe. Of course its just a bunch of bullshit.
10clock, Jun 13 2005

       Well, in Spain, I went to this little market, and in a few stalls they were selling (*ahem*) 'water pipes' and from the looks of some of them (*ahem*) 'tobacco' too...
froglet, Jun 13 2005

       There' are anarchist protesters known as 'Wombles', due to their clumsy home-made body armour. If anti-globalisation protesters are able to make their own riot gear, why would they to a big business in order to buy it?
Mad Dog, Jun 18 2005

       Good point [MD]. And in tomorrow's news: "Starbucks buys RiotgearforRioters.com."
moomintroll, Jun 18 2005

       We used to run a stall that was called "Skins Pipes Bongs".
weedy, Jun 18 2005

       What did you sell [weedy]?
wagster, Jun 18 2005

ato_de, Jun 18 2005


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