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Random home automation transmitter

Small, yet perfectly evil.
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BorgCo have designed pocket-sized unit which has an extensive library of codes for "home automation" products (power and light switches) and the capability ot learn more (through a USB download port, or by "listen and learn").

The unit randomly transmits "On" and "Off" codes for a wide range of devices on a short timescale loop though its powerful transmitter.

Walk down the street and chuckle as you watch lights and appliances start and stop and start and stop, causing puzzlement and intense annoyance to householders.

WARNING: admitting ownership of such a device in the wrong company may result in serious injury or death.

8th of 7, Mar 18 2010

TVBGone http://www.tvbgone.com/
baked? [pocmloc, Mar 18 2010]


       [ ] as home automation becomes standard, the first thing somebody will do is look to see if anybody's walking down the street, chuckling.
FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2010

       I would have thought most home automation would be wired rather than wireless.
xaviergisz, Mar 18 2010

       See, [8th of 7] is playing a long game here. His real interest is in creating an opportunity for home-automation ECM (electronic countermeasures). Directional antennae locate the source of spurious control signals -- estimate his/her rate of progress down the street -- automated trebuchet* in the back garden traverses menacingly .... The control console, of course, emits an accelerating beeping noise, and is equipped with a synthetic voice which announces things like "target acquired!" and "locked on!" One must imagine [8th] cackling gleefully and taking snapshots as the would-be practical joker is buried under 500 pounds of custard+.   

       *The trebuchet is essential, because it's high-trajectory, short range, so it can be hidden behind the house and still hit targets in the street.   

       +The custard is also essential, because, well ... isn't it obvious?
mouseposture, Mar 18 2010

       there is an arms race, of sorts, in the radio key industry. Ever since people began to rely on their garage openers for security thieves have been trying to candy them with devices like you describe. Baked.
WcW, Mar 18 2010

wagster, Mar 18 2010

       // Baked //   

       Not quite. This isn't a simple code-grabber or synthesiser, and it's specifically targeted.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2010


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