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wanna-be celebrity magazine
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I thought of this concept after reading about rent-a-crowd and simmilar other types of services. For those that aren't familliar with rent-a-crowd, well its a service whereby you rent a crowd (usually students willing to work for peanuts) that attend events just for the sake of making it appear to be busy and popular. these crowds are even sometimes hired to welcome people at airports to make them seem popular (usually by friends with a bad taste of humor). anyhow this prompted me to come up with an equally silly idea that I believe could work in a city full of pretentiousness and superficiality.

People who frequently go out, and spend phenominal amounts of money just for a good time, and to be seen with the most beautiful women, drink the most expensive champaign could complete their wannabe-fastlife night by getting mobbed outside the club by a pre-arranged group of paparazzi-esque photographers while on the way to their penis enlarging cars (no doubt).

The time of exiting the club would previously be arranged with the shoot-me agency, who would send their faux paparazzi to the venue. The charge would also be set by the amount of photographers wanted and the time they spend there.

This is sad as hell...I know, but if these guys are dumb enough to spend silly amounts of cash, well why not make them spend some more.

Now, this doesnt end here. Each week or month, shoot-me agency would publish a magazine with pictures, and captions of all these events the mob visited, and put them on the shelves for sale....they will most probably be exclusively bought by the narcassistic wanna be celebrity idiots featured in the magazine....there. another way to squeeze a few more bucks out of the bastards.

shinobi, Aug 18 2005




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