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Spray can

Upside down uses of a spray-can
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Basically a bump- or trigger-operated spray-can clicked into place at the bottom of a broom-length handle : sample applications: lawn-weed zapping, floor-spot removing.

I'm told that upside-down-working spray-cans are available; and so are cans with flexible-tube applicator options for an upright click-fit mounting alternative.

rayfo, Jun 13 2001

Remote-controlled aerosol can http://www.aervoe.com/products.html
Click on 'Marking Stick' [angel, Jun 13 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Hey, nice one. Stick a can of expanding foam sealant down between the wall joists and plug those drafty (draughty?) mouse holes, use it with insecticide to reach that nest of burrowing wasps ("yellerjackets") under the garage. Pastry!
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       I'm guessing that part of [rayfo]'s idea is to prevent people of advancing age from having to crouch to use a spray-can at ground level. If so, the device used to mark roads and sports arenas could be adapted (link).
angel, Jun 14 2001

       Could also be used for applying deoderant if you forgot to put some one before donning your shirt.
goff, Jun 20 2001


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