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Synchronized Holidays and Anniversaries

"The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once."
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Three problems:
- I have trouble remembering my spouse's birthday and our wedding anniversary. If I don't every year copy them over from the prior year's calender to the present, I'd probably forget and be a dead man walking.
- My mother lives in a different country where they celebrate Mother's Day a few weeks before we do. Since I'm not helped by the increased media attention to remember to buy a card or call, I'm always late.
- It has happened more than once that when travelling abroad, I've unexpectedly found all the shops, museums, etc. closed because of a local holiday.

The global solution for the millions of memory challenged like myself is to synchronize all countries' holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Day, Chiefs of State Day, New Year's Day, etc. and to sychronize all relationship anniversaries such as Significant Other's Birthday and Partnership Anniversary. Commercial interests would make sure they weren't forgotten.

FarmerJohn, May 28 2002


       No. It's more fun to spread out events thru the year. Maybe as a compromise they could be fixed as the first of each month, so you only have to remember the month not the day.
pottedstu, May 28 2002

       Foolish man. You should have gotten married on Valentine's Day to someone born on Halloween.
phoenix, May 28 2002

       we planned ahead and set our 'official' anniversary date as Jan 1. Impossible to forget. Let's not give Hallmark any more business, ok?
rbl, May 28 2002

       Easier still: refuse to honor/recognize any holiday, anniversary, birthday, etc., and stop attending any ceremony (funerals, weddings, graduations, etc.) of any kind. It really does make life easier.
quarterbaker, May 28 2002

       I got married on Labor Day weekend (early Sept. U.S. holiday), so my anniversary always occurs near a long weekend, making it that much better for celebrating the anniversary with a trip somewhere.
beauxeault, May 28 2002

       on a side note, I always felt bad for people who had a birthday on or near a holiday, like the kids who get combination christmas/birthday presents. now i've stopped celebrating pretty much everything save our anniversary and the winter and summer solstice.
rbl, May 28 2002

       Hale to thee, fellow genius, FarmerJohn. I was about to post "National Wedding Anniversary Day" since I almost forgot (again) my wife's wedding anniversary, despite the fact that it falls on the same day as my own.
Why is it considered taboo for spouses to remind their spouses of these things? Is it some kind of test?
Basepair, Apr 17 2005

       tip to Basepair: I feel that you are actually beginning to go wrong when you call it the wife's anniversary. it actually belongs to both of you.   

       oh buggar! <hits Basepair on head with frying pan> *twice*
po, Apr 17 2005

       Could anniversary day become a national holiday? Also wouldn't "Significant Other's birthday" mean that everyone would have their birthday's on the same day unless they were alone. Bet that would be a lonely day for single people.   

       <sidenote> \\Hale to thee, fellow genius\\. I love the modesty of this place. </sidenote>
hidden truths, Apr 17 2005

       [Po] " ...the wife's anniversary. it actually belongs to both of you." Quite right, and I can only attribute it to one of those remarkable coincidences. But how did you know - you bin snooping??
Basepair, Apr 17 2005

       Having gotten married on two separate holidays (though I got married only once), I never have a problem, so I guess this idea would work.
theircompetitor, Apr 18 2005

       [theircompetitor] Perhaps you should submit that to Mensa for their trial test. I have no clue how that could be.
Zimmy, Apr 18 2005

       I am not sure if this is what FarmerJohn was suggesting, but it would make sense if we had a continentally harmonised birthday regime, such that all inhabitants of Europe birthday on the first of the quarter days (the Scottish ones, naturally), Africa the second, Asia the third and the Americas the fourth. This way pan-continental productivity is lost in a predicable manner and not in a way that would substantially interrupt international commerce. It would also gazump Christmas as a commercial event, which would cheer up those concerned with true meanings and the like.
calum, Mar 11 2013


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