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Re-enactment of Bed-In for Peace

almost like John & Yoko
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There are lots of empty beds available at furniture stores. They usually allow people to try them; so lying down on one is perfectly acceptable…just don’t get up for awhile. You can carry some Peace signs hidden somewhere on your person and take them out while you are staging your Bed-In for Peace. After awhile you will draw some attention from people passing by or the storeowners. This might also call for some news media to show up. Although you cannot stay after the store closes without breaking some law, I think you can get the message across within the store’s operating hours.
xandram, Apr 12 2007

Halfbakery Bed in Halfbakery_20Bed-In
a funny page in HB history [dentworth, Apr 13 2007]

http://news.bbc.co....tics/6540743.stm?ls [hippo, Apr 13 2007]


       Let's hope it's more effective than the last bed-in for peace.
hippo, Apr 12 2007

       I do a bed-in for peace every Sunday morning. That's how committed I am.
theleopard, Apr 12 2007

       Although expressed so aptly with your apathy and cynicism, I myself will always maintain the hope of someday living in a world of Peace. +
xandram, Apr 12 2007

       Peace as a proper noun?
Texticle, Apr 12 2007

       The newspeople said
"Say, what're you doing in bed?"
I said, "we're only trying to get us some peace"

       Christ, you know it ain't easy
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They're gonna crucify me

       Good luck [xandram], see you in the window of Dreams.
wagster, Apr 12 2007

       This strikes me as more of a Let's All than an invention, so [-] I'm afraid.
hidden truths, Apr 12 2007

       [xandram], my cynicism lies not with the ultimate goal, but more so in the futile method. Lying in bed with a few placards won't stop the world's atrocities, nor sway the minds of those that commit them.   

       I believe in peaceful protest as a sometimes powerful force but what your suggesting is far too tame, with it's //perfectly acceptable// lying down in furniture shops waiting for the store to close to stay safe in the knowledge that you're not //breaking some law// and causing too much of a kafuffle.   

       I don't agree with the Let's All, I just think that for a goal of such magnitude your method is gravely inadequate. [-]
theleopard, Apr 12 2007

       Would be more effective if you and a partner got under the sheets, and then undressed. As regards law breaking - that's the part that brings the publicity. Law men are terrified of naked people. Get some over eighties to do it for extra shock effect. [+]
xenzag, Apr 12 2007

       My cynicism with this idea is directed not at [xandram] but at John Lennon (the man who sung the line "Imagine no possessions" while having a temperature-controlled room in his New York apartment to store his fur coats in) and similar musicians who think they're clever. I'm not going to take any idealistic political, economic, moral or environmental message from a singer, especially John Lenon, Sting, Bono or Bob Geldof.
hippo, Apr 13 2007

       [hippo] - agreed, except for Bob Geldof. I especially loathe Bono with his pathetic red tinted glasses. What a cringe making arse.
xenzag, Apr 13 2007

       I meant to excuse Dave Rowntree from my annoyance. Dave Rowntree (the Blur drummer) is standing as a candidate for election to Westminster council (see linked news story) - a genuine political commitment.
hippo, Apr 13 2007

       I used to work in this small town, there was a coffee shop a block away from the office called Rock Island Coffee. The girls who ran it all seemed to be very politically (and spiritually) aware, and often held bake-sales for charity. Whenever I came back with a coffee, the guys in the office used to ask if I'd bought a "Communist Cappuccino", or some kind of "Lesbian Latte" - but here, in an ocean of cynicism, was a little oasis of caffeine and baked goods, and while I'm sure they never really made much of a difference, I was (and still am) glad to know that they were out there, gently holding out in their little outpost of peace.   

       They would have given this idea a cinnamon rock-cake.   

       In order to suddenly display your previously hidden signs, you could use something like a Swiss Army Placard.
zen_tom, Apr 13 2007

       ah yes, sadly I agree with all of you.( except the Let's all)
I apoligize for my reaction to [theleopard] as I was having a rough day yesterday.
I'm so sick of the war in Iraq--I understand the futility of wishing for Peace, I am so naive. I didn't mean to confuse my idea with the actuality of attaining Peace.
xandram, Apr 13 2007

       No worries [xandram], I thought at the time it was a bit uncharacteristic.
theleopard, Apr 13 2007

       You were just being funny and I was way too serious.
xandram, Apr 13 2007

       This is the kind of thing that Improv Everywhere would do.
aguydude, Apr 18 2007


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