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New Medieval

Reintroduce medieval cultures for the benefit of the minions.
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Ah, but there's a twist. Virtual jousting, laser archery, totally modernised old-time entertainment. I'm not talking along the lines of Tv shows, this is in the local park, every weekend. A great feast of game provided by the council would be a fine end to a weekend of high-tech middle-ages jolity. Who's for a quick game of "dunk the witch"?
sven3012, Jan 30 2002

'pastorama' on this episode of futurama http://www.gotfutur...Season=2&Episode=06
[technobadger, Jan 30 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Doesn't the Society for Creative Anachronism do this already? Albeit, not every weekend, and without the lasers.
Guncrazy, Jan 30 2002

       I've been to a "renaissance fayre" and they are wierd to the point of being disturbing. Sorry but its a fishbone just for reminding me what some people do for entertainment.
mcscotland, Jan 30 2002

       Isn't this already baked in a thousand films from Star Wars (laser swords, ancient order of knights) to Knightriders (jousting on motorcycles)?
pottedstu, Jan 30 2002

       Sorry wannabees, but I've got to hand this modernized lance - a - lot a very olde not very merry fishbone - I've never been to a renaissance faire, nor do I intend to. Seeing people on their way to one is wretched enough as it is - need to save as many people as possible from the likelihood of ever getting involved. )s)h)u)d(d(e(r(
thumbwax, Jan 30 2002

       I'll give you a vote sven, but this one seams to freak people out.
Turkish, Feb 01 2002

       I know the perfect candidate for dunk the witch. BTW, hello Turkish...
po, Feb 01 2002

       You're all apparently missing the point, of both renaissance faires and of this idea.   

       As to the faires, to each his own....   

       As to this idea, it was burnt to a crisp in under two days, so alas, no more crumbs shall be spilled.
schasm, Nov 14 2002


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