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Lytro camera famous person stalking

better camera, better reconstruction
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Whilst doing bugger all in a hotel room somewhere slightly further east than Romford, I came across the Lytro blurb which seems to be a camera with a much more comprehensive sensor allowing the user to refocus the shot after it's taken.

So, famous people can employ stalkers to follow them around taking photos on a regular basis so there's none of this grassy knoll malarkey in years to come, about where where the bullet came from.

How reassuring to them to know they won't be leaving behind information that ends up as just one more conspiracy theory.

not_morrison_rm, Mar 10 2012

Lytro camera http://www.lytro.com/
[not_morrison_rm, Mar 10 2012]

The Lytro Camera: Impressive Technology and Some Big Drawbacks http://tech.slashdo...-some-big-drawbacks
[xaviergisz, Mar 11 2012]


       a) neat: paraholographics/3D.
b) don't most people take their pictures at infinite focus anyways ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2012

       I heard about the Lytro camera months ago but assumed it was vaporware due to the lack of technical explanantion. Looks like I was wrong.
DIYMatt, Mar 10 2012

       // famous people can employ stalkers to follow them around //   

       Outside the specific theme of this post, the practice is very baked and is a service commonly offered by your better breed of bodyguards and personal security agencies. I performed this service precisely once, by proxy, for the former governor of Maine, when he visited a site secured by the well-known security firm for which I worked a couple of years ago. My normal duty was uniformed patrol/access control (i.e. the security guard at the gate who checks your credentials), but for one extremely fun day I got to be a plainclothes professional stalker. I was chosen for this role based on my supervisor's (favorable) evaluation of me as a devious bastard.   

       The Lytro is real and it is awesome; a good friend of mine who is a photog's assistant brought one up to the valley and spent a day playing it across the scenic vistas. The pics are superb, but as yet unpublished. If and when they're available online I'll link to them.
Alterother, Mar 10 2012


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