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Reading and Writing Ruler

Ruler for scientific and mathematical disciplines in reading and writing.
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Not really a scientific and mathematical apparatus, the reading and writing ruler corresponds to objective discourse analysis, and regulates based on scientific principles. These wide ranging rulers measure stuff in text. The first rule measures sentence length and is based on universal averages for the number of acceptable syllables before punctuation. It assumes everything is written in standard font size which is its unit of measurement. So the first rule generally indicates where to put in a comma or a period so communication becomes efficient with effective breaks or something. It also has a reading edge that magnifies the text when guiding the rule along the page. It also has a couple timelines to indicate when striking with the rule is allowed for discipline. The first timeline indicates when it was acceptable historically. The second timeline indicates how often and how frequently the rule can be applied for discipline, and suggests a few good smacks every so often to keep the rule fresh in the mind. There is also a timeline for your own notches, but really these kind of rules could also be bookmarks that can be used to plot story line on a graph as you continue by looking at rules that structure writing, but it can also be used as a scale to record how ruled writing and writers are. Actually reading and writing rulers are quite possible but not scientific, practical or intelligent instruments in any sense of the rule.
rcarty, Dec 25 2014


       " Read'ng, and Rite'ng and Rith me tic, Done to the tune of a Hickory Stick." (Make your ruler out of Hickory ?)   

       Bike built for two song.
popbottle, Dec 25 2014

       One Rule to ring them all.
One Rule to line them.
One Rule to graph them all,
and in the markness sign them...


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