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RFID them pens!

Mostly to see how the reception for RFID is these days.
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RFID works (reasonably) well enough to protect high value items such as DVDs, jewelery boxes, books, and even car batteries (Yep, I had one on mine!) among other things.

But really now, just how much does an RFID tag really cost? obviously not much. So certainly, where security needs are lower, we can use them as well.

Just put RFID tags into your pens. In many modern places of work, RFID sensors are already on one or more of the exits, and in other places of work, employee theft is becoming enough of a concern to institute similar programs for other materials.

As RFID tags can encode data, it may even be possible to indicate who the stolen pens (or other products) belong to, thus ensuring a reduction in pen-and-office supplies thievery.

ye_river_xiv, May 16 2008

Exploding pens. Exploding_20pens
as per Flying Toaster's request. [ye_river_xiv, May 19 2008]

thieves take more than pens... http://www.pittsbur...htrib/s_500725.html
[xandram, May 19 2008]

RFID them bikes http://www.stolenbi...gs_for_the_win.html
A pen recovery system like thos should be easy to impliment. [ye_river_xiv, Jun 16 2008]


       The logical extension of this is a USB-powered RFID dongle; the pen is "paired" to the PC, and if it's takne out of range, the PC starts to yell "Stop ! Pen Thief !" in a disconcertingly loud screech. [+]
8th of 7, May 16 2008

       Brilliant idea. Most nice pens (i.e. the ones I don't want nicked) could be unscrewed for the insertion of a RFID tag. I'm not sure where I'd attached them to my scissors and my stapler though...

(on cost, RFID Journal says: "Generally speaking, a 96-bit EPC inlay (chip and antenna mounted on a substrate) costs from 7 to 15 U.S. cents.")
hippo, May 16 2008

       Well... 7-15 cents is a bit pricy for a dollar-pack of bicc, but shouldn't be too big of a deal for those fancy Mont Blanc pens... that may cost more than some DVDs.
ye_river_xiv, May 17 2008

       Erm, so the idea is to put an RFID tag on something?
Ling, May 17 2008

       September 2005: Bic sells 100,000,000,000th pen. Since 1945. That's 45630846.45220168834 per day (approx) on average. @ 10 cents each. That's 456308.4645220168834 per day on RFID tags on average. Take it to the VC's.   

       But we will need:   

       1) Passive RFID technology, bics are thrown away, lost etc. No use transmitting, must be passive. Unless we use this in a more sophisticated market and reduce penetration.   

       2) Some convincing that RFID magic has turned the corner on the HB.   

       3) A reason that suggests to RFID pens is better than RFID socks. Does anyone care where the pens are going? I would rather track those elusive missing socks!
4whom, May 17 2008

       Maybe we'll find the planet of biros...
wagster, May 17 2008

       ...in Ceres, not parallel.
4whom, May 17 2008

       [4whom] - your puns appear to be running away from the ideas to which they belong. Maybe you should RFID them.
wagster, May 17 2008

       I would wag(st)er good money on my puns being irreverent. How is the family? Have you sold the current abode in a polar reversal? I hope young bun resembles mother, at least. Can't imagine a youngster bairn with thos sunglessas. But more seriously, alpha beta'n for centuari.
4whom, May 17 2008

       In case my idea requires clarification, I will point out that these would in fact be passive RFID, similar to that used on DVD cases.   

       I will also point out that die to the limited range on passive RFID technology, this is only suitable for ensuring that the pens remain in a certain location, and not for tracking them beyond that point.   

       Due to these two factors, it is desirable to RFID pens, and to GPS socks... if you are in fact interested in finding out where socks go.   

       (PS: Check the lint trap and dryer exhaust)
ye_river_xiv, May 17 2008

       can we put a small explosive charge in the pen and an activator in the doorframes of the office exits ?
FlyingToaster, May 17 2008

       Flying toaster, I'm pretty sure that exploding pens are doable...   

       I can halfbake up some plans for you, but considering the dangers I percieve in handling, accidental discharge, and disposal of spent ones, I'm not sure I should.
ye_river_xiv, May 18 2008

       [+] At 10 cents a tag it's worth it to me. I am not so concerned about someone stealing my pen as much as I am concerned about losing it or misplacing it right when I really need it.
Jscotty, May 19 2008

       Any idea that prevents, deters or punishes office pen theft gets a bun.
Noexit, May 19 2008

       Better than preventing theft, it could be used in combination with an RFID detector on the door of your washing machine. That way you'll never ruin a load of laundry with a pen again.
dpgrieves, May 19 2008

       When my office becomes too cheap to allow me to bring pens home, I'll find another job.   

       What about when the pens run out of ink and they are thrown away? Is there a special can for that?
nomocrow, May 19 2008

       [nomocrow] it's the can full of pens on top of my desk.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2008

       Heh, me too.
nomocrow, May 20 2008

       Your work provides the pens for you? I've always had to supply my own. I'm going to the want ads, and I won't stop reading until I find one that says "Dental, Medical and Pens incl."
ye_river_xiv, May 22 2008

       "aha! you lie, you have a pen you can lend me"
FlyingToaster, Jun 16 2008

       //can we put a small explosive charge in the pen and an activator in the doorframes of the office exits ?//   

       Intestinate that pen!
Loris, Jun 16 2008


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