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Retracting Spool Box

Make any cord retractable
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Not sure I picked the best category, but it was the closest I could find.

Retracting spool box Parts:

Box: A big box with 2 holes. Hole covers: Hole covers would have a hole in the middle. Different covers would have different size holes. Spool: A spool which is attached to the box and has some sort of spring such that the spool will wind up if possible. A button on the box would need to be pushed for the spool to be released so that this could happen.

To use the spool box, you wrap a cord around the spool, put the spool in the box, have the cord come out through a hole on each side, and use the cord as normally. Different size boxes would be useful for different size cords. I realize that such a device would end up taking up extra space, but it would mean that your cord was already wrapped if you packed it. This device would be useful for those who purchase computer peripherals that do not have retractable cords or just for general devices.

aguydude, Apr 06 2004

BrauBeaton's link http://www.cpsc.gov...rhtml00/00013b.html
Certainly what aguydude is after, though you might not want to buy these particular ones, as they're being recalled because they're not properly grounded. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Market these in smaller sizes for up to 20' stretches of CAT5 cable. Perfect for LAN Party goers.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 06 2004

       LAN party is an oxymoron.
Mr Burns, Apr 06 2004

       I dunno - some of the LAN parties I've been to were actually pretty entertaining ...
Letsbuildafort, Apr 06 2004

       I like attending one where they actually have problems with the LAN, and then everybody fights about what is wrong and how to fix it, and of course, no one is EVER wrong about what's wrong...   

       So yes, they can be entertaining..
Mr Burns, Apr 06 2004

       While this would be useful for CAT5 cable, it would be wiser to just buy retractable CAT5 cable. Unlike regular cable, it is actually designed to be retractable (i.e. it is really thin), so the result is far nicer than what you would get with this type of device. However, it is not possible to buy retractable cord for a device with a cord that cannot be removed. For example, I really like a particular type of mouse but the company does not sell a version with a retractable cord. I suppose this would be useful for anything, but it is especially useful for devices which are frequently unplugged and plugged back in.
aguydude, Apr 10 2004

       [BreauBeaton] that address doesn't work. If you want to post a link Jutta has been kind enough to program a place to put them. Just click on [link] below the idea.   

       They've been giving away retracting spools for telephone cables (to connect laptops to hotel room telephone jacks) for years. You can also buy retracting spools for power cables. So you could try adapting that technology.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2004

       I wish people were paying attention. The whole point of the spool is that you can put it on a cord you already have. Sure, lots of people sell retractable cords. However, the whole point of this system is to deal with pre-existing cords. I thought this was clear from my response to Letsbuildafort.   

       For example, the GBA plug is not retractable, but it would be retractable if one of these spools was used on it. It is not realistic to expect different companies to make their products use retractable cords since it isn't necessarily appropriate in terms of cost-benefit. Yes, the technology to make cords retractable already exists, but my idea is to have the technology available for use by consumers on products they already own. And the holes and whatnot are all separate parts because it needs to be customizeable so it is useful on cords of all sizes and lengths. That is, sellings 30 different parts is more effective than selling 1000 different models. And this isn't just for extension cords, but also for mouse cords, keyboard cords, hairdryer cords, etc. Yes, I know you can buy a hairdryer with a retractable cord. But what if the one you like doesn't have one? The spoolbox would be a nice device for travel and stuff. And I doubt companies will be making spoolboxes generic spoolboxes, which is what my idea is for.
aguydude, Apr 15 2004

       BrauBeaton's link is wrong. That device already contains an extension cord preinstalled. My idea is for a device to allow you to put cords into reels, not buy a reel with a cord already in it.
aguydude, Apr 15 2004

       I'm with you, aguydude. I just searched Google for a device to turn existing small cords into retractable ones and came up with zilch (except the Halfbakery). I have a similar device for power cords and thought that if I had mad engineering skillz I'd just modify it to accomodate my cell phone headset and my MP3 player's ear buds. But I don't (have such skillz). So it looks like I'm off to Fry's or Best Buy or some place....
majorsteel, Aug 15 2004


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