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Real Halo/Unreal Tournament

Computer game? Virtual reality? Sport? Virtual Paintball? A litle of all of them.
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I need a suggestion for a category.

Unreal Tournament is a popular FPS computer games. It is fast action and pretty fun, almost as fun as Call of Duty (a WWII FPS game). It takes place in the future and blahblahblah ands yaddayaddayadda. The storyline is not important.

This is:

A giant park with many "maps" and a Cray II Supercomputer. People rent gogglescreens, a sensor suit, and a "gun".

How it works:

The goggles, gun, and suit are all linked to the cray computer. The gun, when you shoot it, sends a signal to the cray. The cray, in turn, sends a signal to all of the goggles and displays a "bullet" overlay on the screen(the underlay of which is what is in front of you, via a small, mounted camera), with motion and direction, depending on it's orientation and distance from the "bullet", so it seems like a real bullet.

Bullet trajectories and respawning:

If the trajectory intersects with a sensor suit (which produces signals, to let the Cray know where it is), it does "damage". If the player takes enough damage, the goggle blank out for five seconds and the player must lie down. He is "out". He must then get out and walk to the nearest undergroiund tunnel interance, holding his now deacticvated gun high. The tunnel whisks him to the nearest spawn point of his choice, and, depending on the rules, is allowed to "spawn" again.

Health and weapon pick-ups:

Placed around the map are visible sensors. These are item pick-ups. If you touch them, you gun gains new "weapon capabilities", which means he can select a new type of bullet trajectory. He starts out with something weak and innaccurate, but can gain things like "sniper rifles", "flak cannons", and "rocket launchers". Health pickups work the same. Touch them to get health. Some pick-ups can only be used once, and then you must wait until the spawn again.


Made with modified go-carts and other vehicles, these vehicles have the virtual weapons mounted on them, with speed and size edited to match the vehicle type. The tanks have large "cannons" and jeeps have smaller weapons, possibly made from old, real tanks(A T-90, anyone?). All vehicles are mounted with sensors, as to stop the vehicles if it's predicted trajectory intersects with a person's predicted trajectory in a certain amount of time. Or if a person is in front of it. *Edit* and it would damage you, too, if you stayed in front too long. (Thanks, david_scothern) Some vehicles are large enough for multiple people. The vehicle's health works the same way as yours, except you must use the "link gun" for repairing.


There will be many modes, taken from Unreal Tournament, such as Bombing Run (a football-like game), Capture the Flag, and Domination, not to mention all of the others.

So basically, it is like playing Unreal Tournament in real life without getting hurt or dying.

Of course, this could be easily modified for any other FpS game, like Call of Duty or HalfLife.

DesertFox, Feb 19 2005


       Like it, but the vehicle bit doesn't work. Automatically stopping a tank by standing in front of it? Far too open to abuse. Maybe standing in front of it for too long will kill you as well as stopping the vehicle?
david_scothern, Feb 19 2005

       True. That's good. I do agree that that would work.   

       *EDIT* people are shown as with a skull over their head.   

       Somehow, I thought of paintball shotguns. Interesting.
DesertFox, Feb 19 2005

       I actually saw a video of people doing something sort of like this with Quake and VR engine. It would superimpose the monsters and things on the real environment and track where you were actually pointing your gun--granted it was very crude but I'm sure the technology could be developed enough to get thei to work.
5th Earth, Feb 19 2005

       Cool idea, but not exactly new. The technology isn't there, so for now we have to settle for laser tag.
Wisconsin, Feb 20 2005

       Actually, the technology is here. Note the Cray Super computer. And the gogglescreens are possible, too. The guns and sensorsuits are all also possible. Terrain and underground tunnels are definitely possible.   

       All of it it technically possible today. It would be crude, but it would work.
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       Sounds good. How does the Cray know where everything is?
robinism, Feb 20 2005

       The signals that your suit, gun, and goggles produce.   

       Did I not mention that?   

       Here: Under "How it works"   

       //The goggles, gun, and suit are all linked to the cray computer. The gun, when you shoot it, sends a signal to the cray. The cray, in turn, sends a signal to all of the goggles and displays a "bullet" overlay on the screen(the underlay of which is what is in front of you, via a small, mounted camera), with motion and direction, depending on it's orientation and distance from the "bullet", so it seems like a real bullet.//   

       Also see "Bullet trajectories and respawning"
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       But how does your gun know where it is? Is GPS precise enough? Radar?
robinism, Feb 20 2005

       The signals. Everything has signals, which are extremely accurate, as to the place having sensor EVERYWHERE. Much more accurate than GPS. Acurrate to more than an inch.   

       Everything, your gun, goggles, suit, vehicles, and etc. have signal emitters. And sensors/triangulators are placed in many places to provide more than adequate info.   

       Need any more technical info?
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       So every player wears an RF transmitter with a unique signal, and the playing field has lots of RF receivers of known locations, with directional antennaes, that constantly scan for the full range of signals, get a bearing on each player within range and then send (wirelessly or through buried lines) all that bearing information to the Cray, which combines all the bearing info to calculate the position of each player? And the guns have two transmitters so the angle can be determined?
robinism, Feb 20 2005

       "Why is that little origami kitten ripped in half?" "It's a tornament."
Basepair, Feb 20 2005

       You got it, robinism!
DesertFox, Feb 20 2005

       i don't care about the technical stuff - if it's possible, set it up and i'm there!
xer0negative, Feb 21 2005

       freakin' awesome. Especially good for such stuff as the Onslaught gametype where things happen on a slightly-less-caffinated timescale than deathmatch.   

       This could be that hobby I'm looking for. Go into business already! I want my RL Tourlan!
Chrontius, Feb 21 2005

       Tourlan! Face! Giant Bedroom!
missingdonuts, Feb 22 2005

       Sorry dude, I still don't see how this is a new idea. It's just "wouldn't it be cool if there were really really good VR?" Yes, but I withold my bun.
Wisconsin, Feb 22 2005

       nice idea. Instead of blacking out the goggles when "killed', just put a red filter over them. That way, they don't lose total sight while running around (ouch).   

       And to fund it, you could make it a reality-TV show for the first year or so.   

       And until this is baked, go play some real sports.
sophocles, Feb 23 2005

       Wisconsin, I appreciate your input, but this isn't really VR, because in VR, everything (or almost) is fake.   

       Everything here is real, with the exception of the bullets.   

       And sophocles, nice idea. Though I put black, because it would force the player to lie down, signaling that he is dead (aside from the floating skull).   

       A reality TV show would bring in big bucks, to fund this place.
DesertFox, Feb 23 2005

       Well thought.
NeoPiter, Feb 24 2005

       Thank you.
DesertFox, Feb 24 2005

       I did not think gamers liked to move. I wonder if the walking to the tunnel bit might be a hard sell. Perhaps there could be a cable clipped to the waistband of their underwear which drags them up and out of the complex when killed?
bungston, Feb 24 2005

       That would certainly be funny.
DesertFox, Feb 24 2005

       Kind of nitpicky, but dont think thats going to run on a Cray-2. Those things have about as much power as an X-Box.   

       Goggles are going to be very expensive to create something thats visible yet durable. Do you really want snot-nosed kids running around with $8000 helmets, spiking them on the ground after a bad game?
rsd212, Oct 13 2005

       How dare you not inclue quake or half-life in this.
Antegrity, Oct 14 2005

       nice idea. I think this has been done before using the game pac man. One player is pacman, 4 players are ghosts
vmaldia, Jul 25 2006

       I think maybe showing the bullets is more trouble than it is worth. How well can you see bullets anyway? Why not just do away with the goggles and cover people with LED suits that flash brightly when they 'die'.   

       I understand that rocket launchers and such would benefit greatly from the goggles, but sacrifices have to be made.   

       Maybe you could make a grenade that is just a block of foam rubber with a timer and a location sensor?   

       You could have real powerups laying around, like a laser or optical sight that will clip to the gun, or locations that will reload your gun or increase the rate of fire or damage. Or just leave extra guns laying around like in the games, that would work too. Good idea, by the way.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 27 2006

       No, I really like that extra guns laying around idea. They wouldn't have to be expensive, just a block of foam rubber in the shape of a maxim machine gun or something, with a sensor wired into each end and a button to indicate "firing".   

       You could add bullets, blood, etc. in post for your TV show, too.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 27 2006

       That's a pretty cool idea, but I think that you should put stunners in the suits to make it more realistic.[+]
apocalyps956, Sep 22 2006


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