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taser tag

what it sounds like
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Ive browsed the paint ball ideas expecting this to be halfbaked allready maybe it is .Using lasers and wearing a vest like laser tag you would play like normal but the problem of cheating is eliminated because when you are hit you are tased.if you lie still after your tasing for a few seconds your vest taser will remain off and you can leave the field but if you power through it as ive seen on cops you remain in play and can tase others and be tased giving a little reality boost to the game. Your not nessesarily dead every time your shot.
pydor, Sep 14 2006

(?) J'accuse! http://livesciencestore.com/51619.html
For shame. [GutPunchLullabies, Sep 27 2006]

Laser Shocking Guns - fixed link from 2006 https://web.archive...tore.com/51619.html
[a1, Jul 08 2023]


       Heck yeah! It's just like stick fighting without padding. No more pansy "alarms", just listen for the screams.
hypergiaphobia, Sep 14 2006

       Not for the weak of heart, but hey, sounds like good, clean fun!
DrCurry, Sep 14 2006

       //Not for the weak of heart// No kidding, anyone with a heart problem could be in serious trouble if they tried this sport.
Germanicus, Sep 14 2006

       To make it unnecessarily more complicated, have the vest be a full body suit that will shock the part of the body that was shot everytime you try to move it until you just can't take it no more. Good times, good times.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 14 2006

       oooh, another addition to {NTSS}'s idea have the different areas with different values. torso would be highvoltage (kill shot) while the arms and legs would be lower but still painful. That way you only lose function in that limb and you keep fighting.
hypergiaphobia, Sep 14 2006

       Sounds like Ender's Game, hypergiaphobia.
DesertFox, Sep 15 2006

       Set...tasers on...stun.

       Don't you think losing control of the bladder when being tased would put a crimp in the fun? Good idea in general, but the idea of "catheterised laser tag" isn't very appealing :P
Veho, Sep 20 2006

       I've never seen people lose bladder control, heck at the tv station i worked for they tased an intern ,at his request, and all he did was scream like a little girl.   

       well a little girl that just got hit by 50KV. hehehe.
hypergiaphobia, Sep 20 2006

       "squeal like a pig," maybe? Someone here stuck himself with a taser-like device, and reported back a similar experience.
DrCurry, Sep 20 2006

       Our intern actually had the police do it to him, and recorded the whole thing on video. He was a big football player type. Still dropped him to the ground. Of course if he was all jacked up on drugs or something, he probably wouldn't go down as fast. I guess you would have to be on "something" to play taser tag in the first place....
hypergiaphobia, Sep 20 2006

       I think it's a good idea, but companies may not want to make such equipment due to the the risk of injury/death.
apocalyps956, Sep 22 2006

       Sure why not bring back lawn darts while we are at it? Maybe a kit with taser tag and poison lawn darts...
MoreCowbell, Sep 25 2006

       \\Don't you think losing control of the bladder when being tased would put a crimp in the fun?\\   

       You know, I think that would just add to the fun.
Noexit, Sep 26 2006

       This product is baked and on sale to the general public! Also, their version allows you to make a more powerful shot if you take a more powerful charge when hit.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 27 2006

       GPL does it have a name or web sight I want one.
pydor, Sep 27 2006

       That's some sentence you've got there.
Texticle, Sep 28 2006

       See linque.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 28 2006

       Ah, the comments on this thread did not disappoint.
21 Quest, Jul 08 2023

       GutPunchLullabies “J’accuse!” link is worse than broken/404 … it now goes to a scam site. I posted a fixed link from archive.org: Laser Shocking Guns   

       Electric shock dueling for the 21st century - just point, click and ZAP!   

       • The infra red dueling game for the 21st century delivers an electric shock to your opponent
• Two high-quality, auto reload guns with long range super-accurate shock beams
• Two chest targets with indicator lights to show when you've been hit-five strikes and you're either out or a glutton for punishment
• If you're hit, your gun gives you an electric shock through the handgrip
• Choose from two shock levels - ouch or ouch squared
• Winners win, losers twitch
a1, Jul 08 2023


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