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Quaker Mask

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The masks for paintball are helmets covering most of the face/head.

Place a sensor into it that would detect the set level of vibration; place loudspeakers pointing outwards on the sides of the mask; place a miniature microphone on the mask; place headphones on the mask; install a flashcard interface in the mask.

All of this can be done and still keep the mask compact and lightweight.

You can use the mask in following ways:

1. Headset communication

2. Megaphone (judges, emergency, etc..), in this case a belt battery might be necessary.

3. Saved standard messages, possibly with voice activation option, playable on either friendly frequency or loudspeakers (For CS freaks: "You take the point!" ... "Affirmative!" ... "Get out of there, it's gonna blow!" ... Quakers: "Double Kill!" ... "MULTI KILL!" Or just for general public: <chopper attacking music from Apocalypse Now>, <Benny Hill music>, ...)

4. Save notes, scores, and directions for later replay

5. Vibration activated function - if vibration level = paintball hit, then play loud: "HEAD SHOT" in the menacing Quake voice, and/or play on friendly frequency: "Man down, man down".

All this should be personalized settings with maybe a fire wire interface to a computer or PAD.

I could not wait to play Jack Nicholson quote "you can't handle the truth", after shooting a particularly whiny opponent.

Zus, Sep 16 2006

(?) Q Mask http://www.goran.dk/images1/Qmask.jpg
QaD drawing, to stop rimmed hat jokes [Zus, Sep 17 2006]

(?) Some wonderful tunes rendered in glorious MIDI http://www.fortunec...the/407/bytitle.htm
[zen_tom, Sep 18 2006]

(?) Chopper attack music http://www.fortunec...alkyries-wagner.mid
Like it or be smart! [Zus, Sep 18 2006]

Religious Society of Friends http://en.wikipedia..._Society_of_Friends
[calum, Sep 18 2006]

(?) If I can't have this mask, I'm not interested. http://www.welcomec...tenlogos/Quaker.jpg
[normzone, Sep 18 2006]


       [+] If it comes in the form of a mask attached to a black, broadbrimmed hat, but in the meantime, [+] for "laudspeakers", although I suspect that was a typo.
m_Al_com, Sep 17 2006

       I thought this was going to be a device for making a mask made out of porridge. see link
xenzag, Sep 17 2006

       that's it, I'm correcting spelling errors & drawing my own mask & posting a link
Zus, Sep 17 2006

       Stupid Quaker oatmeal, ruining it for everyone. When I was in Junior High School, someone asked me if there was some sort of oat fairy associated with my faith. I told her yes.
shapu, Sep 17 2006

       // to stop rimmed hat jokes// No chance with that title. I think you would have more luck doing that if you combined the two images into one.   

       Competitors could maintain the theme by firing blobs of porridge at each other instead of paint, and learn advertising slogans for Quaker Oats to shout at each other in the heat of battle.   

       Giving you a + for illustrating your idea, but taking it away for deleting links and comments.
xenzag, Sep 17 2006

       here i was thinking that it was some sort of camouflage designed to make you look like a quaker. don't shoot, i'm nonviolent! however, there are already radio headsets designed for wear under masks, good for big games.
tcarson, Sep 17 2006

       clop clop Clop clop clop Clop
clop clop Clop clop clop Clop...


       Quaker drive-by.   

       Nup. No black hat there. [-]
Nice illustration, though. [+]
m_Al_com, Sep 18 2006

       Darth Quaker?
xandram, Sep 18 2006

       Is a quaker someone who plays Quake? I thought the whole Headshot, Double-Kill, Multi-Kill etc was a UT thing. Also, that 'chopper attacking music' is normally referred to as Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie.
zen_tom, Sep 18 2006

       If you think that scene is cool, you are not allowed to say things like "Wagner". Tnx for the link, tho.
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       I am currently restoring an Akai M-7, thr tape machine in the chopper that was used to play Ride of the Valkyries.   

       Do you care?   

       Thought not.
wagster, Sep 18 2006

       I thought it was Flight of the Valkyrie.
notmarkflynn, Sep 18 2006

       // am currently restoring an Akai M-7// if you fit a magazine and a gun barrel to that will it become an Mkai 4-7 ?
xenzag, Sep 18 2006

       Yes, Double, Multi, Mega, Ultra, Monster, Ludicrous Kill is UT not Quake.   

       Quake is "Excellent" for consecutive kills within two seconds or "Impressive" for two consecutive hits with the railgun. Both games now have a "Holy Shit" call (8 in a row in UT, nailing someone when they're -> <- this close to capturing your flag in Quake)   

       [+] for bringing the FPS experience one step closer
K o R, Sep 18 2006

       Why is the quaker riding a horse?, [2 fries shy of a happy meal] ?
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 18 2006

       This is all a little confusing to me. Is Quake an online multi-user paintball game?
Is the mask an additional tool to be used in playing this game?
Zimmy, Sep 18 2006

       Quick explanation for confused:   

       Quake is a single/multiplayer PC FPS game, very popular. I chose the name because, well, they have a fun logo, and it sortof is not exactly what paintball is about. Tighter fit would be CounterStrike Mask, but too tight imo.   

       Beyond the name, mask has little to do with Quake. It is a protective garment, with installed sender/reciever for intercom with friendlies, has a flash ram card for storing of audio, loudspeakers for already described purposes, mic & headphones and finally a vibration sensor. You can put any audio on any functionality on the mask. With a little programming, I can put modifiable functionality on it as well, with optional programming interface and maybe aditional sensors:   

       *it is pitch black in a paintball corridor in the game facility, you and your palls sneaking forward. light sensor index goes below set value - mask yells* : "Who just touched my butt!?"   


       *you meet someone on the field, uncertain who you are, he asks* : who's this?   

       *you voice activate arnold1 reply* : I'm detective John Kimble.   

       *the guy* : What?   

       *arnold2* : I am going to ask you a buch of questions.. and I want them answered IMMEDIATELY!   

       *the guy* : Who the fuck are you?   

       *arnold5* : I'M A COP, YOU IDIOT!
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       Alternatively, just go Steve Irvin on someone’s ass in the middle of the forest:   

       "Folks, we are slowly moving through the underbrush, in search of the great orangutan. And there he is.. a beauUUUUUtiful specimen, folks, look at that head, and those looooong strong arms - you can really see this one is the king on his turf.. He hasn't seen us yet, so we must be very careful not to arouse suspicion. They are very intelligent and might even use tools to defend their territory.."   

       Of course, mask would have to have basic surround-sound to keep the guy in total confusion and disarray.
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       Do you secretly wish you lived your whole life as a radio shock jock, with a sound engineer providing interesting noises to comically illustrate what is happening? Because I can respect that.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 18 2006

       No, that's Pablo Francisco.
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       Why would quakers have any interest in paintball?
Mr Phase, Sep 18 2006

       Every Quakers' dream is to try rocket-jump irl.
Zus, Sep 18 2006


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