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Toto Anders

[Dec 02 2014, last modified Aug 20 2020]
(+4) ASCII - Augmented Social Control for Internet Interfacing
(+4) Barriers only for cars
(+5) Bike train link roll
 Blockchain waiting queue
(+8)(+8) Brake-powered brake light
(+5, -1) Coin funnel
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Dog brothel
(+1) Dog wrapping blanket
(+6) Frame tube as compressed air reservoir
(+6) Holy shit!
 Litter lottery
(+4, -3) Mute button for (against) certain contributors
(+4) Negative toll for bicyclists
(+2) Open source dishwasher
(+1) Pea shooter handlebar
(+4) Popcorn filled bicycle travel bag
(+5) Porn bombing
(+2, -1) Real Objects Interface
(+4) Rear light disk
(+3) Rear light function indicator
(+2) Rhino horn harms your pecker
 Secret fishbone contest
(+3) Spiritually advised shopping
(+4) Spoonerism edition of Ulysses
(+4) Symphony porn
(+10)(+10) The book's reviews are the novel
(+1) Toothpaste tube with transparent gauge strip
(+4) Use fracking to prevent earthquakes

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