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Real conditions virtual ride

Bumpy roads, stones thrown at you, fog, shots taken
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When traveling in Google maps feel the bumps on secondary roads in Lybia. Get mugged and carjacked in Johanesburg. Have your windows smashed with stones in Hebron. Get stopped by militiamen at roadblocks in Beirut, and shot at in Bagdad. Avoid suicidal ultra- orthodox Hassidim jumping onto the road with their bicycles in Bnei Brak. And in order to continue advancing you have to pay off the cops in Zanzibar. Get stuck in trafic in NY during rush hour and move through a thick fog in Scotland.
pashute, Mar 10 2021


       + I like it. While it sounds a bit like Grand-theft Auto video game, at least there would be real scenery.
xandram, Mar 10 2021

       Don't forget to pay the congestion charge in London.
pertinax, Mar 10 2021

       Since I recently became a "Random Street View" addict, I wholeheartedly approve of this idea. I would love to see a little local culture at every stop. I was lost in Ukraine for hours the other day. A little Ukrainian "reality" would have been nice. (If you got stuck traveling through my area you would have to deal with a bunch of folks dying of boredom though. Not pretty.)
blissmiss, Mar 11 2021


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